Why I made the choice to do it!

Jessica shares why this show is so important to her and what really prompted her to want to bring it to life. Jessica’s passion for supporting people’s healing also bringing like-minded people from all over the globe together to talk about their journeys in healing.

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Why I made the choice to do it!

Welcome to the show this is Stop searching, Start healing, Harmonyum LA, the podcast. I’m your host, Jessica Headey Gandolfi, and I just wanted to take a minute today. Not very long at all. Just a little bit of an introduction about why this show is so important to me and what prompted me to want to bring it to life and to bring it to fruition because of the world that I work.

It’s very much about healing. You know that is my career. That is what my business is all about. That is the world I’ve been in for the majority of my working life. And so it’s so. Apparent to all of us right now how traumatized we are as a society globally, since this pandemic took hold, you know, over 12 months ago now.

When we couple that to traumas and stressful situations. Life events that we may have already been through and been dealing with in our lives. You know, when we add that extra layer of COVID trauma on top of that, All of us collectively are really in a very dire strait with our emotional, mental health.

I initially wanted to bring this show to life and talk about Harmonyum because it’s a system that many people have not heard of before. And so my idea originally was let’s launch a podcast. Let’s talk about Harmonyum. Let’s make people more aware of Harmonyum as a healing system because people need it.

It’s such a sophisticated but powerful, straightforward, and elegant healing system. But it’s something that we move forward into this next dimension of healing and this new vortex that we’re all within. People are searching for something which is going to bring them permanent healing within the body.

And people are tired of searching for things that don’t work anymore. And so Harmonyum is a system that is not new by any means, but it’s a system that is new to the majority of the world because no one’s ever heard of it. It’s a very spiritual system. It’s a very energetic healing system, but it’s very spiritual, very divine.

And so it’s just not been really that widely broadcast before. And honestly, the reason that I wanted to make people more aware of that was that. When I started my healing journey, all the different things that I had tried, nothing worked. It was when I began working with the Harmonyum System. That my issues, traumas, and painful life experiences that had resulted in manifested in these physical issues started to come under control and ultimately were able to be healed fully. And at the root level, it’s not saying that I’m not going to be dealing with things moving along forward in my life.

Of course, because life is always throwing things at us. But from those complicated traumatic manifestations within my emotional body, this is the system that worked for me. So. I’m beyond obsessed. To me, it’s the ultimate healing. I’m so passionate about it because of that reason because I’ve seen the results myself, and I’ve seen the results on my new clients.

So the reason for starting this show initially was purely and to highlight and raise awareness. The Harmonyum Healing System is an energetic system that focuses on self-healing and permanent healing at the root level by working with these energies. So that was the reason.

And then it took a little bit of a backseat for a while and then resurfaced a few weeks ago and became even more apparent to me that. It’s not just about Harmonyum and this platform. This podcast and the show are not just to highlight Harmonyum. Of course, that’s the main goal because everybody should be working with the system.

And so I want to bring that to people globally because everybody has access to it now because of zoom. But it made me realize that. I have worked with experience, so many different techniques and modalities, and healers and people have come into my life since I started my healing journey five years ago.

I honestly felt it was my duty to share these experiences, people, treatments, modalities, tips, techniques, whatever it is that I have learned over the last five years of healing myself. It would be very selfish if I went to my grave not having shared these with other people. You know, everybody needs healing. We’ve all suffered to some degree.

And so it’s. I feel my calling, and I think it’s now my purpose and mission to create a platform to highlight modalities that we may never have heard. It may seem a little bit out there, maybe something that we need. Exposed to, or haven’t had, you know, the capacity to dial into before, or perhaps it’s just one thing that somebody hears in a conversation that I’m having with a guest or one thing that I talk about myself on a show or one thing about a tip or technique.

Just one thing. If it can just be one thing that moves the needle every day for somebody out there, then I feel like I will have achieved my mission, which is to spread healing across the globe. So that was how this show came about. When I’ve been telling people about it, they keep saying to me. You need to say to people that you need to talk about this because this is so important. By listening to the show, joining me on this journey, right and focusing, and allowing yourself to move through your healing journey as a result of listening to this show. I really hope, and I know, honestly, I really know because I know the people that I’m going to be bringing on the guests.

They are all the people that I have. I mean, initially, my guests are all going to be people that I know personally, that I’ve worked with personally, that I’ve met personally and experienced to some degree in level the. The gifts they have and whether that’s just a gift through communication and sharing their story, whether it’s a gift through a technique that they work with, whether it’s a gift just in their presence and their energy, whatever that gift is.

Is that they bring to this world. It’s my duty. I feel to share that with you as my audience. And so I really hope that you will subscribe to this show because I can guarantee you that every single episode is going to have something in that if you are on a healing journey that you will be able to pull from, and that’s the goal is to allow you to build and create a healing toolkit of your own.

And it doesn’t need to be things that you have to pay for. It’s going to be things that are free and available to every single one of us, no matter where we are in the world. And so that’s the beauty of it. So that’s my wish that you will. Resonate with this; you will subscribe to the show. You will listen as we go through every conversation and get something from it that will help you heal and continue to have tools to pull from on your healing journey so that you can move into this most extraordinary, grandest vision of yourself and start to live the life that you deserve to live. In contrast, you have your time on this planet.

And so that is it for today. That is all I wanted to say. I just needed to share that because it’s so near and dear to my heart. And I feel like I’ve found my calling. I found my purpose. And so that’s it, we’re off. And I would love to have you join me on that journey. So I’m sending you so much love as always.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Take care.

Jessica 🤍


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