Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Trina Gadsden



Trina Gadsden shares about her journey from corporate America, turning her trauma into healing, working with psychic energy, the importance of self-care, among other things. She also delves deep into her healing practice and how it works. Trina has a mindset of an experiential learner and believes that she can do anything.

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A conversation with Trina Gadsden

Today’s Exclusive Guest.


Who is Trina Gadsden?

Trina Gadsden is an evolution and ascension guide, coach, and mentor helping individuals recover their life’s vitality. Through a myriad of intuitive methods, she is able to assist individuals in coming back to their soul’s purpose and live a life of radiance and joy. She was put on this earth to help remove the obstacles holding individuals back and connect them to their heart and the highest vibration of life possible in their mind, body, and their soul. 


The Journey from Corporate America

I have the mindset that I am an experiential learner and that I can do anything. I once did a marathon, which I didn’t train very well for and that was quite painful but for me, I’m always excited to learn new things. So, corporate America came in just because that’s what I wanted to do. I worked for General Motors early on and was wanting to be president until I decided against it and went to other things. The shift from profit to nonprofit was pretty significant for me because I was always wanting to assist people and go deep. For a bit, I remember a time where I was HR director for a group of very big dealerships and I would interview the lot attendant and the general manager in the same way and I would ask them to tell me a defining story that would really let me know who they are. I realized I want to go deep with people and so for me, there was always a kind of really wanting to understand how humans work and why. My shift to nonprofit was more that I felt that granted, profit was fun and I was making a difference but it wasn’t making the impact that I wanted to make full and so I felt like making that shift.

One of my mother figures, Charlie, had a brain tumor, and she was getting ready to leave the world and I had a very profound conversation with her around her life. She had all these regrets and we went through each one. I said I would do them as like swimming with whales, hang with a shaman, you know, do all these things and so I can do these things for her, but I couldn’t keep her on the planet and so I left right after she passed away and I was climbing Kilimanjaro and she showed up and I got clear knowing that I needed to make a shift. So at that time, I was at JP Morgan and I left the corporate world and went and got my executive master’s in nonprofit leadership and just started being a nonprofit and working in Seattle, mostly but running a nonprofit in Uganda.


Turning my trauma into healing

Knowing that I had a difference to make and if I didn’t fully step into that, then I was leading a life that was more the ideal life, rather than the life that was my true calling. So, that shift allowed me to see that there’s so many more things we can do. I think oftentimes, we get stuck in this tunnel vision- a lot of clients that I work with, think, “This is the only way and if A plus B doesn’t equal C, then there’s nothing I can do.”, yet there’s a whole big world out there. I think for me, that was the pivot I needed to see. After that too, no matter if it was painful- there were some quite painful lessons in that process, I always thought of Charlie and she would give anything to be on the planet. I had another friend years later, when I was in the nonprofit field and running executive director of the last non-profit, I ran for about six years, and this really good friend of mine passed away. She was this gorgeous being and at that time, I was dyeing my hair because it was going gray every two weeks and I was just done! “Michelle would give anything to be on the planet and have gray hair, what am I doing.”, so I shifted my whole mindset around beauty for myself too. I don’t want anyone else to leave the world for me to get a lesson and I don’t want my friends to leave the world but I just think that life is short and beautiful and we can make different choices. 


A unique global opportunity

I think what’s going on right now on the planet is that there’s such a unique opportunity, rather than divide, but an opportunity to really step into your soul’s gift and we are being shown that there is more than ever the importance of using our voice and sharing it. We are not for everyone and that’s the gift. If we were we’d be Stepford Wives and that’s not what we are. We’re each unique and we have these beautiful keycode activations inside us when we connect to a source, whatever source means. It could be God, it could be Allah, it could be Buddha, it could be whatever, but the more we connect to source and get guided to use our voice for the greater good of the planet and consciousness then brilliant.


The soul whisperer

In human design, I am a projector, so I bring people’s energy into my system, and then I’m allowed to see and feel and experience things on top of that already being intuitive. Oftentimes, when I’m talking to someone and they have certain blocks, I can see what those blocks are and what’s stopping them-it could be trauma, it could be people that have passed on will oftentimes pop in, different things that have come in that have blocked them. I’m able to see those and because of it ask questions that allow them to pull out information that allows them to breathe. Sometimes they’re so tightly wound around all the trauma, even if it’s not our trauma, it’s family trauma, or DNA passed down, that we get challenged on how to be in the world. I’m able to see those things and bring them to the surface along with shame is, the more you talk about things, the more they come out and go away, it lessens the charge in my eyes and so I’m able to pull that stuff out and whisper what their soul sees, and I see the light in everybody, I see their souls’ gifts and for me, I always had the purpose of, you know, if being a garbage collector was your dream, I would do everything in my power to make that happen. I love being a catalyst and connector for people’s dreams and no dream is silly to me, they’re all just unique and beautiful for that person.


Working with Psychic Energy

I spent some time with shamans, one based on Charlie’s bucket list, but also because I’ve always been curious, so in different parts of the world and studied with a shaman for a bit. So there is a way to pull out stuck stuffed emotions through psychic surgery. When I’m working with clients, I see everything energetically and I’m usually led to allow it to come out at a pace that feels right for them. But sometimes I need to go in and do surgery so I will, have them lay down if it’s via Zoom or in-person and just walk them through it and we go to that spot and I have them describe what it feels like and what it seems like and it’s very clear to me, but it’s important that they resonate with it and then I’m able to go in and one of the keys I guess and tools is removing stuff from people’s system is really important because it needs to be filled with something. For example, years ago, when I had to have a hysterectomy, if I filled it with more trauma then that would have been just filled with more trauma. Their part in it is to fill that spot in their system, no matter where it got stuck with so much unconditional love as fast as possible and it allows them to see the gift of their own internal healing that they can do for themselves too. I do quite a bit of psychic surgery, although I usually try to guide people to it on their own and I feel like he might have this same mindset, but a healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal, we’re just the catalysts to activate either a word or vibration or a touch.

I would say that with the meditation prior to the session, I’m showing how to work with them and some people are going fast and others and sometimes it’s time because the disease is a disease and it’s to a point that if we don’t move some energy out, then it’s going to lead to other things that’s not healthy in their body. Some just need to be heard, they need to be seen, they need to be validated and loved and just be a mirror to all the good they have because the voice on their shoulder, whoever it came from internally externally has gotten too big and needs to go away. I am very strong with honoring how I’m being shown to work with people and even during sessions, sometimes I’m in communication completely with them. But there’s times where I’ve gone a little bit too fast and someone will say, “I’m heating up, am I supposed to be heating up?” and I’m like “Okay, well, let’s just pull it down.” and so I’m able to navigate based on what I see, although my ultimate dream would just be to move stuff as fast as I can.


The importance of self-care

Sometimes I say to clients, and it feels sometimes like it’s just buzzword bingo, but it’s so true, put the oxygen mask on yourself first. I work with a lot of mothers who are super mothers, running businesses and CEOs, and yet at the same time, I’m like, “Hey, tell me about when you were in nature when was the last time you took a bath and locked the door and turned on music?” Self-care is not just once every holiday, it’s actually really important to be grounded first. So I will preach that from the mountaintops as well as long as I’m on the planet along with most healers.

I think the other thing is that it allows it gives permission to other people that are watching, you know, two friends or two children, if it’s too long, of course, to happen or even to the husband. I feel like if we were able to all switch that light switch on and really do it in a way that it’s aligned to the highest good of the individual, I think the planet would be amazingly heightened with higher vibration fast.

I think one of the lessons that come in to poke at us to make sure we are getting there is also that getting feedback from some people that don’t want us to change and that sometimes is really painful and yet it’s such a good reminder because we aren’t for everyone, we are for the ones who in our soul tribe that is being called in that wants a specific healing matches vibration. That’s why I’m such a big fan of people really stepping into their healing modalities and fully owning their gifts because we’re at the perfect time on this planet to really do good and with ease and grace and joy.

How the session works

Currently what happens is they’re quite long, so it’s about a three-hour session for the first time -they’re pretty intense. I do a meditation about 45 minutes prior and just get my vibration to the highest and then pull their energy in and ask their higher spirit to be able to see, feel, hear and experience everything that’s going on and I just sit there and have my eyes closed and I write what I see and I talk to their spirit quite a bit. Oftentimes like I said people that have passed on come in with certain messages if that’s of significance. I don’t work with clients to talk to the other side but if I’m opening something that will help their healing and then I sit down with them via zoom or in person and we just talk and I let them know everything I saw, I clear a stuffed emotion to start and it’s usually the overarching theme and we just talk for usually about 45 minutes and everything gets pulled up. I always say, “Whatever you’re comfortable with but the more you share the better because I see it all.” and oftentimes I’ll have clients who have had some sort of trauma- sexual trauma or some sort of trauma and sometimes it’s not the right time and I’m shown that that’s there but it’s not the right time but it is important for me to acknowledge it and so I usually say, “I’m going to ask some questions that might feel really personal but I just want to.” and they’ll say yes and the emotion will come out and it’s perfect, “When you’re ready and we’ll talk about it if not just know that I see you, you’re safe, you’re locked in, you’re protected.”

Then we go into a session of healing and based on what I’ve seen I usually open up their energy channels and remove everything that’s not theirs to start and then fill it back up with unconditional love. In Shamanic terms, there’s a thing called Soul Fragments where basically you could be watching an accident on tv or something, or pieces of you just fragment off. Most of the time people whose energy fields I have come across its not quite Swiss cheese but there’s definitely holes in it where they’ve just fragmented off. So I bring all their pieces back together into the biggest capsule of energy that I can and they usually pass out and go elsewhere, sometimes it’s too much for their system but usually, three to five days of integration or lots of water and old memories come in. They’re funny sometimes they’re from kindergarten and turning and looking next to who you sat like random stuff comes in but it just is like kind of putting them back to their full blueprint at that time at their highest potential of frequency that’s available keys, codes, and activation.


How many sessions necessary

It all depends on what they’re capable of expanding at that time sometimes they just need one session to get a soul to tweak back on track. I’ve had a few of those where they just needed to be reminded and just be recalibrated or realigned and then they’re out doing their thing and it’s amazing. There are some others where it’s nothing wrong, it’s just the process is different for them, their timeline is different and so it varies. Right now, that’s how I work my assumption is it’ll shift at some point to be more container where I can break it down into parts so they’re allowed to do more in the holding space through the quantum and do it in an energetic way that aligns with everyone so that they can go at a timeline that works for them.


Does the level of trauma affect response?

Yes, it does. I would say, it’s not the definition of the trauma, but how much they buried it down, how much shame and stories. In lots of cases, what I’ve seen is that it’s a sexual trauma to some sort of tragic trauma, but they’re still beating themselves up for it and they’ve done nothing wrong. So in some ways, it’s just realigning with that and that sometimes takes a little bit more than just one session for that to really calibrate into a way that they can see that. I would say all these people that I work with have these gifts to give the world and so I’m so honored to be able to help shift that so they can live their higher purpose. So sometimes, visually, I always see it like this old coat you’re wearing from kindergarten and it just feels comfortable but it actually doesn’t fit and when you really look at it, or stop, you ask, “Why am I wearing this?”. The more that they’re able to see that it doesn’t need to be worn anymore. It doesn’t define them and allows their nervous system to get back to the realignment and recalibration, and then they’re able to choose whatever they want to wear.


Work with couples

I have worked with couples a lot in the past and it’s been a beautiful experience. It’s been an interesting experience, where I’ve had a couple of situations where it’s been working with one, but the other one is uncomfortable to come to me because I know that usually in the male energy, I could do so much shifting at one time, but I am able to pull in other energies by talking to their higher spirit and asking them to do energy work, I’m able to do it that way and so I have shifted that way. But I have had a lot of couples where I’m doing sessions separately, I have never done a session together but a lot separately and watched beautiful marriages expand to be really lovely. In most cases, what I’ve seen is that its stories connected to parents or connected to a certain way of being raised. I have so much gratitude for my parents for how they raised me even though there were times where it wasn’t as rosy and fun as I’d like to admit. Not being a parent, there’s just so much gratitude for doing the best we can with the tools we have and as we’re walking this planet now it’s even more of a gift to the parents that bring in children to be able to have all these tools like you do, to be able to shift them to be the best version of themselves.


Experience with children

When I was living in Vietnam for a bit I worked with a child who was eight and it wasn’t as much verbally it was a little verbally but it was more energetically and his system had gotten overloaded and had some symptoms that were starting to show up and it was really beautiful because, at the same time, there was an eighty-year-old man that I was also doing some work with. So, it was really fascinating for me to see that, it doesn’t matter the age, it just matters that it’s time to remove the stuff that doesn’t serve.

It is fascinating to me to see how we also get stuck, you know, the person who might be of a certain age could have something from childhood that made him stuck at a certain level. So that was fascinating to work with him, but also see that he was actually just this little boy who had trauma at the age of eleven that he wasn’t able to release and at the same time have this eight-year-old who is starting to have symptoms of energy that wasn’t the healthiest and be able to like, give him tools and remove it, it’s beautiful. I love what I do for the fact that I can assist and it’s not helper syndrome, it’s this beautiful gift of using some of the keys, codes, and skills that I’ve been blessed with to be able to help change the planet, person by person for this moment.


Tips for the daily practices

It varies per person but I’d say one unique theme that shows up quite a bit, is just Auric Cleansing. Based on what goes on around the world, right now, there’s so much coming in that if we don’t allow that energy to come off our system every day, then it starts to stack up and we get really confused about who we are and that’s actually not our energy. I’m a very big fan of visually when you take a shower at night or bath or any time you’re taking a shower just to imagine that you notice white healing or golden healing coming down and just clearing out anything that is not yours and doesn’t serve you to the highest potential. Along with just getting with nature, I have a couple of plants in my sweet little place, but I also get on the beach every morning and put my feet on the ground and put my feet in the waves and so, connecting to nature. Obviously, journaling is a good thing, it’s hard for some people to get going on that. It’s a great thing, but mostly just like really getting clear and clean and I would I always say if you can write when you wake up in the morning before you check your phone before you do anything. If you can just put your hand on your upper heart or womb but it could be sacral solar and connect there and just breathe slowly-four breaths in and then hold your breath and exhale for four and then hold and allow your heart to lead and that is the key because our brains are really good at taking over. The more you tap into your heart, it’s the key. If everyone was asking a question the answer is always going to be love and start with self.

Trina Gadsden is an evolution and ascension guide, coach, and mentor helping individuals recover their life’s vitality. Through a myriad of intuitive methods, she is able to assist individuals in coming back to their soul’s purpose and live a life of radiance and joy. She was put on this earth to help remove the obstacles holding individuals back and connect them to their heart and the highest vibration of life possible in their mind, body, and soul.


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