Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Shirley Lipner


Shirley talks about the importance of laughter for healing. While searching for answers to our health and well being can be painful and challenging, Shirley believes that laughter truly is the best medicine. Shirley encourages people to work on their own lives, as a psychic she can help illuminate their path and support their free choice to work towards their goals and health.

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A conversation with Shirley Lipner

Today’s Exclusive Guest.

Who is Shirley Lipner?

Shirley Lipner began her path 30 years ago as a comic doing a cable public access show. She noticed that the station featured psychic call-in shows and decided to do it, calling herself the psychic housewife. She was known as the funny housewife with a unique gift. What began as entertainment turned into a calling that has brought her to the present day. Today, she is known as Psychic Shirley, a clairvoyant, clairaudient, medium, and an empath. Her comedic edge and psychic gift combine to provide each of her clients an accurate, powerful, and always lighthearted perspective. Often, it’s this humor that relaxes her clients, giving her an energetic ‘in’ to seeing what is happening in their lives. If you’re not ready to laugh, then she is not the psychic for you.

Being a Comedic Psychic

My background is stand-up comedy and is where I started. I was really bored when I had my first child because I’m not a housewife kind of person. I then had a public access show, and I was doing housewife comedy on the show. On Saturdays, the psychics had their own live shows for like an hour and I just thought, I’ll pretend to be psychic because I’m intuitive. I would bring in things from my house, like a bottle of water, and then I’d go, “Oh, you’re going to Fiji or whatever”. I’d get this call, “Hey, you told me I was going to Fiji, blah, blah, blah.” All this stuff started happening.

I was in analysis and thought of taking it seriously. I don’t take anything seriously, but my analyst asked, “Why don’t you start working with people, because you need to pay my bill.” I just said yes; I think that’s a big thing in life. Just say yes, because sometimes when we get opportunities in front of us and we’re like, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.” This morning, I had this client who’s going through something, but I said, “I want to talk about what you’re doing in your life. I know that you called me because you’re specifically going through something, but if we get you to a place of this calm energy by figuring out what path your life is on, it’s going to be easier to make your decision about what you’re going through.”

The way to know your path and the way I found mine is what you gravitate to. Look at what Jessica is doing now; she saw something she’s probably always gravitated to. That great children’s book she wrote. She must have thought, “I’ve always wanted to tell stories. I want to do that.” You can have your main job because I’ve had jobs like being a bookkeeper and working for nonprofits. I was also a script secretary and a runner at the board of trade in Chicago. I’ve had so many different jobs in my whole life, but I didn’t have anything that was….. All those were pieces of the puzzle to where I am today. You have to look at it with this levity like, “What can I learn from this?” because life is kind of like a cosmic joke, even with all this stuff that’s going on.

I think that in the world, serious things are going on and we have all these changes we’re going through, but we’re lighthearted souls. We are having this experience, so I always say, “Follow the thing.” For me, it was coming back to giving intuitive advice, like I hear things and I could impart that. I could sit with somebody, and when I do, I’m in their energy and work by resonating. If I was resonating with your energy and knew how to pay attention to what I was seeing, in what I call the debris field (I didn’t know what to call this earlier), I just started and trusted. A big part of finding your path is trusting. If you go to the things that you’re doing all the time, which for me is looking to laugh and looking for a connection to help people, then it all just kind of fits into place. I then developed it over the years and I love that I get to do what I love.

Norman Cousins talks about that in his book. It’s a series that I used to listen to on tape. Norman Cousins was somebody who had cancer and he talked about watching Laurel and Hardy, The Three Stooges, and all of that to laugh. I grew up in a household where my parents were Holocaust survivors, and they had a sense of humor. They could get serious about certain things, but I grew up in a home where we loved to laugh. My dad listened to comedy albums. To me, the essence of life is laughing. It’s also like when you can tickle somebody or make somebody laugh, you can jolt them out of that place that they’re in. If I can get you or a client laughing, they’re going to trust me more, and then it just takes them. Think about when somebody tickles you and you jump out of your skin. It’s like laughing and getting elevated to a place where I can look at everything I need to take care of.

 Turning raw emotions to laughter

It’s a challenge with certain people. Right now, I’m thinking about a client that I just had recently, and just at that moment, I was connecting to her energy, talking funny and positively because she had very stuck energy. My challenge is to get into this stuck energy and get a flow going. I’m coming from a place of curiosity and of lightness where it’s easier to get something to wiggle somebody out. When I go in, I kind of know beforehand because I do this thing I called “the download”. This was just a little one for a client this morning and I have another one on my table. I can make one up now because it’s kind of funny. I’ll sit down with pen and paper and just write the person’s name down and what comes to me about this person.

The first thing that came this morning was, “Who are you mad at?” That’s what I heard, “She’s mad at somebody” and I knew right away that it was going to be a hard one. She was going to be difficult because why would you be mad at anybody? Then I tried to get something funny and I just said, “What makes you happy?” but I also said, “Nobody puts you in the corner” like she wants to be seen. Then I have things like, just hearing and sometimes seeing something like popcorn. “You like popcorn, I see you eating,” and they’ll love popcorn, or I’ll write before, “Eyebrows are important!” and then I turn on the zoom and they’ve got beautiful eyebrows and it’s everything to them. I connect to that energy and that gives me the kind of way into them.

This is before I’m even seeing them because I don’t usually do a download for a repeat client. I like to do it for new clients because it’s a challenge, but I still do it if a few words come through. I had a client last night and every time I went to write something about her, somebody distracted me. I then said, “You don’t give yourself enough ‘you’ time” and it was true because she’s very busy working. What I do to connect, start or help somebody move, is I don’t let them talk. For the first half of the session, I do all the talking because it’s not like I’m a therapist and we’re trading information. I give them the stuff to take to the therapist.

I let them know their core issue, like when I said, “Who are you mad at?” That was the first thing I said to her and she said, “I wake up mad every day.” I told her I knew that and asked her if she would like to change that. The thing is, I ask “What would make you happy? How’s that serving you, to wake up mad every day?” Every day is a blank page. Why would you wake up mad at a blank page? You get a blank day that you can make anything, so you’re already setting an intention for that day that you’re going to be mad during this day. What I like to do is tell people I set my alarm to wake up to music, I love the Buena Vista social club or Gypsy Kings. I wake up dancing to that music and then that sets the tone of my day.

It’s like setting the tone of the reading by going in and saying, “How can I be of service?” and then I have them choose a deck. When we shuffle the cards, I put them down and just start talking, “You’re having some anxiety right now. Let’s talk about it because what you’re going through is not who you are and who all of us are” I believe, we are sources of light-like human beings. We have things though that happen to us; maybe you had an abusive parent or you had emotional, verbal, physical abuse in your background that carried over into relationships that you have. Maybe you want to stop the ancestral stuff when you want to have kids or whatever.

Whatever it is, everybody’s different, but we’re all the same and it’s all patterns. I see the patterns of energy and I just think, let’s elevate this a little bit because the world is in such chaos right now, that anything goes anywhere. I try to get them to get in touch with the intuitive side and with the psychics inside themselves. That’s the key to laughter. You have a gift, what’s your gift? How do you tap? If you think of the Santa Claus sack, how many gifts for everybody? How many gifts are you born with? What are you going to tap into? My thing is just laughter; I guess I just like to laugh. I’m just a funny person and I impart that, so I’m drawing in people to me, that want what I’ve got. You draw people to you that want what you have and so here, I just want to share that.

Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Clairvoyannce

Clairaudient is hearing things; clairsentient is feeling or sensing things and clairvoyant is seeing things. The gift changes all the time. This past year, the download came to me a couple of years ago to do that. I’m a visionary and I’m getting a little tired of it, so I decided that I’m still going to do it, but I have to keep myself excited. I’ve been having dreams lately and the night before, that somehow have relevance for the client. I can tell you the story because it’s a kind of cool story. I had a new client whose girlfriend bought him reading with me and the night before his reading, I had a dream.

There was this man that was in a cold cabin and it was also very cold outside. I walked into the cabin and sat at a table with this teenage girl. He brought us black coffee and said, “You have to drink black coffee only. You can’t put anything in it.” I said, “Okay! I hate black coffee, but okay, I’ll do it.” Long story short, I’m reading for this guy and I ask if his father passed away. Yes, he had. I asked, “Did he look like this?” and it was this guy in my dream. “Did he make you drink your coffee black when you’re growing up?” I asked and the client replied, “Only black coffee.” Just like I said and had written down, “Black coffee only.”

I was baffled by the girl who was sitting next to me in the dream because this guy didn’t have a sister. He’s got a girlfriend though; the one who’s also my client. Then I realized, “Oh my God! I was sitting next to your daughter who’s going to be born.” They don’t have any kids yet, but it was just as if I could feel it now. We don’t know if that’s going to happen. It’s a future thing and everybody’s got free choice. That, though, took me to another dimension because I love exploring this stuff. Oh my God! His dad is hanging out with his granddaughter who hasn’t materialized yet. It’s mind blowing.

What I’ve learned and what I tell people to do is, pay attention because I get clues all over the place. I look out the window when I’m doing a session and I see hummingbirds and sometimes, I’ll just see one alone. If I’m talking to somebody who wants to find her mate, then two hummingbirds fly together and they stay at the top of the…. Sometimes I say, “You want your grandmother to visit.” I’ll sweep my hand across and then a butterfly will come across. We can direct energy and we’re capable of doing so many things that we have no idea about. I don’t call myself spiritual, by the way; I think I’m a spiritual deadbeat because I’m a kind of skeptic. I’m an energy mover and shaker because I can feel that there’s something beyond this. I have the proof from the work.

I hear things, like right now, “Who is making soup. Who likes to eat soup?” There’s someone eating soup. Somebody is making soup in your ancestry right now. I just felt something on your dad’s side. That’s where I get skeptical because what grandmother doesn’t make soup? I want to get specific, although not everyone does, to a point of saying, “Potato and leek soup.” What I learned from studying comedy is to be specific because that’s where the humor is.

I had a client the other night that does a reading with me once a year, and he said, “I listened to the tape, and 95% of the things that you told me, happened.” I want the 100%; I’m not happy with that, because I’m a perfectionist with it. I don’t remember anything that I said and he said that at the time, it sounded crazy. As soon as I say things, they sound crazy at the time but I hear it and see images in my head. I have a really funny story. I was looking out my window and I was talking to this guy who is single. We were talking about him being in a relationship and all of a sudden, I see three bars. Then I say, “Oh my God! You like threesomes. That’s why you’re not in a relationship.”

I didn’t want to see that but I saw it. It was this feeling that I had and I don’t know what that is. I was a journalism major in college and so I’ve always observed things. I think that’s the gift of the intuitive; we observe energy and so see it working all around, all the time. I trust it and you have to be okay being wrong. It’s in your hands because you have free choice. When somebody asks if they are going to be with a particular person, it looks like it, but they have free choice. They can reject you or are you going to make the move? What are you doing? How are you working on yourself to make that happen? My stuff is based on the assumption that you’re going to work on yourself to get to this goal that you want.

I’m just going to show you the path. Somebody called me a spiritual catalyst because I can’t put you on that road. I have a lot of people though, that I turn down who just come and they want to know really specifically; the day and year they’re getting married, even though they’re single. Those that want to know exactly when they are going to have a baby. They want to know the future and are people that are not working. If you work on yourself in the present and love what you’re doing, I can illuminate that path for you. If you’re not working on yourself, it’s not like I can pull stuff out of the air; I call it pulling balloons down that are free floating in the sky. I can pull it down, but they blow away if you’re not working on yourself.

Working with Goop.

This is a funny story and I have many of them. I never know who I’m doing readings for. I’ll come in and somebody will say that they’re with a magazine writer but I won’t know which it is. I’m not about what you do, but about who your energy is. With Goop, I got a call from their creative director or something like that, and she said, “We’re looking to do this guide. I was at a dinner party and I just randomly asked around the dinner table for recommendations. Two of the people at the table mentioned your name.” They didn’t know they were both my clients because I’m very private. “We are therefore going to send somebody to you for a reading and if you pass muster, then you’ll be in it.” I don’t care about this stuff and I know that I should, but for me, I just care about my work. I trust that if my name is supposed to be out there, it will get out there.

I have total respect for Goop, so when they told me this woman was coming for a reading, I started sweating. I thought that with every reading I do, I really want to knock it out of the ballpark. You can’t always do that, but I asked God to please help. I really wanted to do well, and then I thought, “I’m just going to do my thing and I don’t care if I get in. It’s not going to matter since I have my business and it’s okay.” That’s another important thing; when we ascribe too much importance to something, sometimes it eludes us, like when I want something so badly, I can’t have it. However, if I just go, I just have to put out my best effort. It was amazing because they sent me a skeptic. I knew when I was walking down the driveway and saw her, that she was a skeptic. It was great though since I love skeptics and because she was one, she was open and let me access the field.

I don’t always remember stuff in a reading, but I remember with her, I said, “Your husband loves to wear funny socks. He has socks that have little sayings or stuff on.” It was something like that and we were laughing. I got her to that laughing place, which helps get access to someone’s energy. That was it and she said goodbye. I didn’t hear anything for like a month, and then my son called me. My son had a roommate who was the Goop illustrator, the person that does an illustration on me there. He said, “Emma just called me and she said she’s doing an illustration of you. You’re in Goop.” They never called me to tell me, so I heard it from my son. See how we’re all connected because of that connection and how everything is connected. The next thing I did was look it up and was amazed. I didn’t know Goop was amazing and had no idea the sphere of influence of that. I have the highest respect for that. I’m still in the directory where they listed a bunch of us, and what an honor.

Goop gave me clients and I’ve been around the world for someone who doesn’t travel, especially for the pandemic. I’ve been to Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Rome, France, England, Australia and New Zealand. I just had somebody in New Zealand. I’ve been in Japan from Goop, and in China; I did something in China through their internet. I just have to say, the internet in other countries is usually better for me. The internet in some countries is amazing. I’ve been to Berlin and in this country, I’ve been all over. It’s great! On my website, I have a scheduler that has all the different time zones. I have many clients in Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland. They are everywhere.

 Effect of the pandemic

I came to the desert and I didn’t know about the pandemic. I thought I have to start over here, and my clients will come from LA, then the pandemic happened. I’m busier than I was in LA and I was in LA for 30 years. It’s because during the pandemic, people become more introspective, and they’re questioning things. What’s my purpose here? What am I doing here? They’re working from home and they’re thinking, “I’m working from home. I can work anywhere.” There are lots of people moving; some have left LA, a ton of clients in New York are leaving New York and are thinking, “I could live in Boulder, Colorado, and I can do the work there.” Now it’s like, “Do I want to return to that? Do I want to do this?” and it’s their questioning which is great. This is what we are supposed to do, but I’m trying to pull back a little and not work more than two or three hours a day, also ensuring not to work on Sundays.

 Working as a medium

I am also a medium, so grandmas or friends will come in. Sometimes, somebody is sad and has a friend that passed or I’ll get asked to help someone cross or do something like that. I get a lot of serious calls and unfortunately, because of the explosion of this bad fentanyl and stuff, we have accidental overdoses with beautiful kids in their twenties. Therefore, parents will come in and I understand the grief, so I don’t try to make them laugh, but I bring in the levity of the spirit. What I noticed with the humor, is that I’ve never met an unhappy spirit. As a medium, I have to say, when somebody comes in with messages, they’re pretty funny, like they’re in a light place or somebody was sick for a long time. I just lost a very dear friend who had multiple things that were failing; his kidneys, heart, liver, and he’s in such a great place right now. He’s around everybody.

I’m just channeling all the time and I get very tired. I’ll be tired from doing this because at that moment, I’ve opened a portal for these words to come through me. I think a lot of us that do this work find medium work more exhausting than psychic work because I’m hanging out in your energy. I like to tell my clients, you’re air force one and I am a fighter pilot. Since I find your vibration, I’m flying along and just reporting what I feel. For the channeling and mediumship, I have to tap into something far. I’m getting it through you, but it’s like it’s out there in a different part of the brain and I’m out of my body when I work. I think that’s why I always struggled with my weight and why there are many overweight mediums and psychics because when we’re taking in, we have to relax and it’s like this grounds me. I need to get healthier.

Calm the Funk Down Show

I started doing it a little before COVID not knowing I was experimenting with Instagram that I like. I have a friend who told me a year before the pandemic that we should start a business where we make designer masks and face coverings. He thought that it would be a cool idea. Something was coming to me back then, but I couldn’t identify it. I started doing this show and then when we had the pandemic and I thought, people are sitting at home and they need to laugh. On Monday nights, I was going to do Calm the Funk Down, where I get on for 15 minutes at 7:00 p.m. PST. I take questions for 15 minutes, use different decks, and have a definite loyal following there who tune in every week. I put up a little fun thing on Instagram announcing it.

I don’t do more than 15 minutes because even that is tiring. People come at me like when I do events, I parties and now that we’re back, we’ve been vaccinated. I’m doing an event next Friday, a night of the bridal shower, and then I’m doing another one a couple of weeks after that. When I do events or my show, it’s the same, where I don’t know who’s sitting in front of me. I can’t do a download for people at a party, so I don’t know who’s coming at me and it’s like psychic improv. I just get to have fun, but I can’t do it for more than 15 minutes. I’ve got her in my office but we must not mention her name.

 Finding happiness in hard times

I know some people that have really enjoyed this last year where they’ve discovered talents and stuff like painting. I have a girlfriend who discovered that she’s an artist through this. She had done it when she was little and, and now she brought it back. It’s like we are as happy as we make our minds up to be. A lot of people follow this, there’s too much media where we are assaulted with negative news all the time. How do you stay positive? Years ago, I used to write a psychic column for a woman who had a newspaper she published, called Happy Times. She was a client and asked me to do a psychic column. I’d love to have another thing like that, an advice column, but the paper went under because people are weird.

We don’t always like to hear happy stuff and can’t handle happiness sometimes. I don’t understand that because if you have a choice, to choose positivity or negativity, some people do gravitate to negativity and that is their nature or nurture. Sometimes it’s a part of their nurture and also a part of the overkill of media, like just talking to you and there’s 10 notices coming through. This is because we sign up for breaking news or whatever; this and that’s happening, which is an assault on our census.

Classes on YouTube

I found this artist who is very funny and she does digital art where she creates things. Her name is Katrin Waldstein and she has two decks, an Oracle, and a Tarot deck. I’ve been showing her off. I connected with her on Instagram and she’s German. I love connecting with my Holocaust background with German people because I think I’m righting karma.

I have a YouTube channel called Psychic Shirley. It’s really easy to find me, just look up psychic Shirley; I’m on Instagram, I tweet but not actively, I send things over there. I get a lot of requests from people who watch my Monday night live videos. I push them over to YouTube and they’ve been asking me to do a live show on YouTube, which I might start. I do whenever I feel like it, like I’m getting a little tired of Monday night lives, let me switch it up and do something else.

A lot of people are asking me for classes, so now I think, maybe I’ll do a YouTube live and teach classes and just let people come on. I can’t teach them to do, because everybody’s got their own individual way. I had somebody in the class whom the cards didn’t speak to at all. I used the major card, but they didn’t speak to her. What spoke to her was a pendulum, she likes holding things in her hand, like a piece of jewelry. That’s called psychometry, where you hold something and you get it. Everybody has their way; some people don’t even need cards or anything. They can just sit and talk, which I could probably do, and do most of the time, but I like the cards as a jumping off point.

I had this client this morning and I told them, “You definitely have a gift. I can see and feel it. You should unwrap this gift and you might do something totally different in your life.” Like I did book-keeping, you could be a book-keeper, which a lot of intuitive people choose. This is because it’s very grounding and you have to pay attention to the numbers because they’re afraid of it. I’m from the Midwest and I get together with my girlfriends when we have reunions and their eyes glaze over when they see what I do because they know me. They’re in different fields in their lives and it’s not that they’re skeptical. They just think this whole world is like California suffering. It’s like what do you do? What do you see? You can tell if somebody’s eyes just go. For everybody who comes to me, I already know you have some bit of intuitiveness in you and some bit of curiosity and we can work with that.

The aftermath of these sessions

I get some clients once in a while saying, “I want to talk to you again next week,” or “I want to talk to you again in a month.” And I just say no because you’d have to let your life happen. I’m giving you a takeaway and here’s the tape. Listen to what I said, do your life, make your choices. I let people see me once a year for some, twice a year for others, and the most is like four times a year where they’ll come in for checkups, to see if they are on their path or something. My ultimate goal is for you to tap into it for yourself, figuring out what works for you.

What’s ego and what’s intuitiveness? If one of my clients, after, says, “I thought that part was mine, and I didn’t get it.” That was your ego, that part wasn’t yours. If it was yours, you would’ve gotten it and there’s another part coming that’s going to be yours. Don’t sweat, just trust the path and the work that you’re doing. Do the work, go work yourself, go to the therapist! This is your core issue; your dad. You had a mean dad. I can see the pattern like this is what’s going on. Sometimes there are unusual patterns, but there’s a pattern beneath it, ancestrally and I’ve been getting into ancestral healing. Then this is what you need to work on and when you do that, just do your life, live your life and have fun.

This is the other way I look at it; I think that we do a blueprint, and I can tell you this from a skeptic’s view. I feel like there’s some blueprint or a plan that we come in with. It’s like when you make a garment, we used to have those fashion things like paper and you would cut the fabric to it. This is the dress I want to make in this life, but we don’t always get to do everything. We choose our challenges and how are you going to overcome the obstacles? If we’re born with a lot of obstacles in our lives, some people make the best choices for them. What’s the best possible choice you can make for yourself? Are you going to stay here or there? Are you going out this door or that? That’s what life is about, not the actual individual thing, but the overall view of, what are the choices that I’m making to get to where I’m going. I say the future is written in number two pencil because we can do things, but I’ll be back again. I’ve been here before and it’s like it’s ongoing. I think that we choose our set of circumstances, even though it doesn’t feel like that sometimes. Somebody will say, “I didn’t choose not to be out of a job for three years.” There’s some part of me that says, somebody offered you something, you didn’t like it and you said no. You’re saying no because you don’t know that an opportunity might lead to something else.

There comes a time when it’s a privilege to say no to something that you feel is going to…., if you’re going out with the same kind of guy every time, and then you see another one coming and you have this gut…., I have a very funny story. I have somebody who wrote to me recently because I told her she was going to meet this person and I was very specific. She writes, “I met the person, but I can’t stand him. Should I try to like him?” I love her and told her, “No, let him go. I just said you’re going to meet this person and there are things going on, but you have a choice. Don’t give me that power. I don’t have it. I’m just observing and saying these things. There will be somebody else that matches that, but don’t stay in something because you think you have to”


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