Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Shelley Warren


In this episode, Shelley discusses astrology as an amazing science/spiritual element for personal unfoldment and other aspects and tools used in astrology like tarot cards and the pendulum.

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A conversation with Shelley Warren.

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About Shelley Warren

Shelley Warren Astrology is a consulting coaching organization that creates a place in space for creative self-expression, love and support. Shelley empowers her clients by guiding them to complete understanding of who they are as identified in their unique and personal soul signature, better known as a Natal Astrology chart. This understanding or merging of science and spirituality allows the client to truly know and understand the personal and intimate details of their gifts, talents, challenges, and soul’s calling in this lifetime. The work done together is specific to each client and creates a space for their spiritual connection and understanding. Shelley’s astrology sessions are often a confirmation of thoughts, ideas, and intuitions the client has but not acted or trusted upon. Astrology as a guidance system or roadmap provides a path of least resistance and upset and when followed opens up a flow of perfect divine timing in all areas of life. 

Shelley has 12 years practicing astrologer consultant and coaching, 11 years as a spiritual practitioner, three years landmark self-expression and leadership coaching, and 20 years of actually being an entrepreneur. 


I think astrology is one of the most amazing science/spiritual elements you can use to help your own personal unfoldment. It’s not woowoo. It’s like the moment that you came in, there was a certain alignment. Like today there’s a certain alignment. And so when you’re born or you come into this world, you bring with you that energy. And astrology is just like where the Mercury is today. That’s what you bring with you. So your natal chart is such a clue to your gifts, your talents, your challenges, how you think, how you process information. Like a Mercury can be in one of the four elements. It’s important to know how your partner or your child or your people at the office, how they think so that you guys can all align and process information the same way. Sometimes you know when you feel somebody and you get along. That’s an energy. You know when you are challenged by someone. So astrology really helps to open up that understanding of the people around you.

Tarot Cards

The original tarot deck is based on the first 21 principles. They’re all based on spiritual principles of the Kabbalah. It’s really like zero, the fool child, the beginning, the essence of trusting spirit. And so one, the magician, the law of manifestation. When I use the tarot cards, and I use a modern deck called the Voyager tarot card, which is just beautiful. This is actually DNA of the human body. James Wanless, my friend. He’s a wonderful guy. He created this new deck. The images are more aligned with today’s version. The four is inspiration. It’s a spiritual one. You’re inspired. This is much better than the old deck.

In the Tarot, it’s not a just reading your future. It’s about future. It’s what you want to create. We ask the question, what is the energy today? What do I have to work with today? Or what is the best way for me to create an opening for a new relationship. We use it as future creation, and we take the Tarot deck and pull those cards to give us a pathway of how to use that. A lot of times if you look at astrology and the aspects that are happening today, and how what’s happening today affects you from your natal chart, that’s called the transit. And then we see what’s happening. Like you have great Jupiter transits today. So what’s the best way to use the Jupiter transit well, so that we can pull some tarot cards and get a little more clarity? So we use it for clarity.

Today we pulled a card and we got the Child of Crystals, the learner. Crystals are the mental processing. Here we are a brand new show and we’re learning how to do the podcast together, and a child card in this deck is like a prince in the regular deck. But it’s about innocence and newness and young and someone who’s not mature. Like a sage is the high version of this deck. I pulled that one here. So that would be the highest version, the sage of wants. And so that someone who follows his spiritual path and uses his intuition. 

The Pendulum

With the pendulum you ask yes, no questions. Is it in my highest and greatest good to do the show with Jessica? And so the pendulum says, yes. I have a lot of clients who call me from all over to say, “Would you please ask the pendy if I should do this?” It’s hilarious. It’s a very popular device because I’m neutral, and it taps into my higher self. I have no attachment to if it’s a yes or a no. I’m just the deliverer. It’s a gift. It’s a spiritual energy that everyone has access to. If they work it and they practice it and they learn it. 

In the Aquarian Age

Another thing that’s important for you to know is we just entered the era and the time of Aquarius. That happened on the winter solstice. We’re now up here working in a new level of energy. How you work with this new level of energy, it’s we’re bringing the future into the present. It hasn’t been done before in many cases, like a lot of the creative things that you’re doing. So there is no yellow brick road. You can’t do it like you’ve always done it. You got to use the metaphysical, outside the physical tools in order to accelerate in this time of Aquarius energy. Astrology is ruled by Aquarius and we’re now in the Aquarian Age. So astrology should become part of everyday checkouts. You don’t have to like go crazy and like, “Oh, it’s going to be a bad day.” How you really want to use astrology is, “How can I work with this energy today?” There’s no good transits. There’s no bad transits. There are times when things are challenging. And so the challenging transit is really about change. How can I change and grow and expand my area?

Change – The One Constant

There’s thing that’s hilarious is that there’s one constant in life and that’s change. That’s the one thing people hold on to. They don’t want to change, but it’s inevitable that everything changes. Every year astrology is a lot about the study of cycles. You have a Saturn cycle, you have a Uranus cycle, but it’s time through space. It’s all about you doing what you’re here to do being part of a solution. This is a special time in our country, in our world. We’re really lucky to all be here right now to be part of massive change on every level.

Time has accelerated. What you wanted to do even two weeks ago is now changing because things are moving really fast. You’re not crazy. We’re not crazy. People aren’t crazy. It’s just if you really follow an inside path or a spiritual path, where the doors open is where you go, and where the doors close that’s where you don’t go.

The Natal Chart

The natal chart always remains the same. For every year that you’re alive, there’s a chart called a progression that’s the inside. I like to call it the inside. Let’s say I’m an Aquarian. I was born an Aquarian and right now the Aquarian Age is happening. So the lineup, all the Aquarian planets are kissing or conjunct my particular sign. And so, for me, I’ve been pretty busy and pretty crazy and pretty expansive and doing all kinds of new projects. So depending on your sun sign and your rising sign and your moon sign, you’re a Leo and so the Aquarian energy is in the opposition sign for you. So it’s calling you forward to just go into this new direction. 

Aquarian energy is about bringing the future to the present and doing things in a new way. Today’s energy affects everyone, but if a child was born today, they would have today’s energy in their natal chart. It changes everything. So we’re always changing and moving and growing and expanding. There are not good transits and there are not bad transits. They’re transits that cause you to make changes in your life or to expand in your life or to put a structure in. Saturn gets a really bad rap, but Saturn is about really putting structures that will support you in your future life.

Last year was about a Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter conjunction, but it was about Pluto. If you’re born in the last degrees of Capricorn, Pluto is about change. It’s changing everything. And like we just said earlier, people don’t want to change, but the only thing that is really here is change. We change every day. We change every year. We lose our cells. We completely regenerate. So to embrace change as opposed to be afraid of it or hold on to how it used to be.

Charts and Parenthood

I’ve done several family charts or parents and kids. One of my clients, they just couldn’t communicate with their kids. They were twins. What she had is called an inconjunct, but it was a lack of understanding. Her kid wanted to go this way, she wanted to go that way. But the minute that she was able to see that (a) she’s not crazy, (b) her kids are not crazy, and they won’t come to an agreement. So a negotiation has to happen in a certain way. It completely changed the dynamic of her relationship. And it’s the same for love relationships. I do synergy. They’re called synergy relationships. Many of my female clients will say, is this guy the right guy for me? So we can look at an alignment between the two charts to see if their values are aligned or their moods, their emotions are aligned, if they can communicate together. Not everybody is perfect, but there’s certain few things that have to be lined up in order to have an enduring relationship with someone. 

In a person’s natal chart, Mercury represents how they process information. And so let’s say you have a fire mercury. You think fast, you talk fast, and your child has a Taurus, Mercury in Taurus, so they’re a slow processor of information. It’s an earth sign that’s very slow and methodical in their process. As a mom, you’re like boop, boop, boop, boop. And as the child, it’s not synchronizing. So you need to go slower. The fire mercury needs to go slower, give a list, and give the Taurus Mercury time to process. And they’ll get it right, but they have to slow down a little bit. I wish every school kid in America could have their understanding of how they learn, how they speak, how they process information. That would just change the world.

Charts and Business

I just had a client yesterday who’s in England. We did a reading earlier in the year and I said, “Okay, if you want to sell your business, this is a timeline when you’re going to get the peak dollar value.” He sent me a text last night, “Okay, can we like talk more about that?” I have an opportunity to sell my business and it’s in his timeline. There’s certain ways that you can tell when it’s a good time and when it’s not. So you’re going to start a business. You want to start a business. You want to make sure that Jupiter is not in retrograde when you start a business because Jupiter is expansion, or Saturn in retrograde. I plot business opening times for clients who are going to start a business depending on where they are. It’s like a birth chart. Business is just like a birth chart. That business brings with it the elements of what’s happening in the time that they incorporate or start or send their first newsletter or whatever out. Because why not be with the flow as opposed to against the flow? Like you’re in the current instead of being counter current?

It’s pretty cool to have the energy of the Universe having your back. That’s why the understanding of astrology and timing is so important. Sometimes even when we think it’s the right timing, there’s still a few challenges that you have to negotiate a bit. But still, you can get a clear picture of what that new business is going to look like. That’s exciting.

My Spiritual Training

I’ve always loved astrology. When I had my personal life fall apart with my husband, I declared that I was never going to not know what was coming down the pike for me. So I started studying astrology. At the same time, I started my spiritual practitioner training at Agape, which is here in Culver City. It’s a philosophy based on Ernest Holmes and the science of mind. It’s a really powerful spiritual connection and understanding and prayer, process and practice, understanding the sacredness of life. At the same time, I’m practicing this, I’m learning astrology. I couldn’t really be a spiritual practitioner and astrologer because that was not at the time when I started this. 

I always approach every client from a spiritual perspective because that’s just ingrained in me. And then the spiritual element and the scientific element of astrology, which is the alignments of all the planets and the numbers and how it all works together. It’s by angles and aspects and trines and whatnot. So it’s a really great blending. I have some clients that I still just do spiritual practitioner work with them. They call, we say a prayer. I’m helping them develop their own personal spiritual path. I have several clients like that because I’ve been down that road, and I have a million tools from my background in practitioner spiritual training. 

For me, I think it’s one of the most important things you do first. If you have an anchor of what your belief system is, what your own personal belief is, then that it is what anchors you and everything else. Then the other tools are just helping guides. That’s how that all happened for me. It was like, “Okay, my astrologer saw this coming.” And I was like, “Oh, my God.” I want to be able to help do this and help my people with this. 

Do One Thing Every Day

That’s how you start your day with prayer or with a card or with gratitude that you’re here, because there’ll be a time when we’re all not here. We’re here for a short time. So let’s just be the best that we can be. We came from the stars. We’re going to return to the stars, our energy, like when we make our transition into the angels and to our higher powers and however you call God. That main source, the one source that gives life. Astrology is just a way to access that from a very expansive way as opposed to a more limited way.

Shelley Warren Astrology Now

Almost everybody has gone through a real transition. It hasn’t been easy. Some days are worse than the others. It seems like when you can explain, astrology will also give you a timeline. This is not forever. This transit is going to last from here to here. During this time of challenge, these are the areas in your life that you need to look at and redefine.

I’ve been really busy for which I’m very grateful. I’m happy to be here to help assist people as they’re making their change or their transformation or they’re trying to say, the universe is out to get me. No, the universe is not out to get you. The universe is here to help us all because we have massive amounts of work to do like for everything – our financial system, our ecological system, the shifting from fossil fuels. It’s a lot and it’s for a better world. It’s for a world that’s going to be run more on technology and more on equality and fairness. Look at the Voting Rights Act. People need to be treated with respect and honor, and that’s all Aquarian energy. We’re in this for the next 20 years. There’s no escape.

It’s a new 20-year cycle. Pluto is going to shift into Aquarius in ‘23. So it’s here to stay. It’s about fairness and equality and what’s best for all the people. It’s about technology. Look at our technologies. Since I got a new iPhone, I was like, Oh, my God. Look at this. This is amazing. And I have a client who she hates technology. It is like, Okay, listen, you can hate it, but if you don’t, if you don’t try, you’re gonna be so left behind. I know there’s a lot. If I can’t send you a text because I’m late and I don’t have your phone number, you know what I’m saying? Like, there’s so many things. She can’t buy a new car because there’s technology. And it’s just going to get more and more. So start to take classes.

What You Need to Know 

We know what ’20, but for ‘21, there’s an aspect in the sky called Saturn Square, Uranus. Uranus is about change, Saturn is about the old. It’s the old versus the new. That first thread happened on 2/17. It’s gonna remain in orb or close together. The second time these two meet up is about is June 13th or 14th. And then the final one is on December 23rd.

For everybody out there, choose new. Choose to go in a new direction. Let go of the old. Let go of the way it has always been for 100 million years because this is a time of change and renewal and newness. That’s the first thing. 

March 20th 2021 is the spring equinox. The Aries energy is going to pick up, so things will start to go really fast. It’s the beginning of the new Zodiac year, a new astrological year on March 20th. So it’s spring. Set your intentions for the next three months. I like to do it three months at a time because things are changing so rapidly now that at the end of three months, see what you wanted to get accomplished. Then when the summer solstice comes along, you might have to throw some things out, keeps things in, but things are going fast. They’re going to accelerate fast this year. Go with it instead of fight. Really seriously, have your daily practice. Breathe, journal if you need to journal, stare out at the water. But take 10 or 15 minutes for yourself. Say a daily prayer or reading of inspiration. Like ground yourself every day. I would wear some black either Tourmaline or onyx or shungite to just to help you slow down and stay grounded because it’s fast. It’s like, oh, that happened already. 

Mars is a key player this year. Mars is the the low kickoff of creating aspects with the other planets. So moving rapidly and that change for the new and for all the people versus the old worn out. I think I heard on the news and it was really quite shocking. The median age in our country is like 36. The people in Congress, their median age is like 86 or something. The body and Congress needs to change. When that opportunity comes to vote, we want to vote in new, young, progressive people not white men that have been there for 30 years that aren’t in touch with what’s happening in our country today. It’s about everybody. It’s about all races. We’re all crossbreeding. Kids are both African American and Chinese American and White American. It’s a blend. It’s a mix. That’s the future. That’s what you want to embrace. That’s what is really good for this year. It won’t remain the same. So you can fight it or you can go along with peace and justice and hope for all.

The Tagline

Inspired, connected, and empowered. Whenever you have a session with me, those are the three words that I want you to leave with to be inspired by who you are, connected to the source, and empowered to take action. That’s my hope for everyone who I do a session with.



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