Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Majid Raees


In this episode, Majid shares about his journey to developing a deep understanding of human psychological sorrow through the rigors of physical, mental and spiritual hurdles that we all face during intense moments in life.

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A conversation with Majid Raees.

Today’s Exclusive Guest.

Majid Raees


Who is Majid?

Majid Raees has over 35 years of martial arts experience and fitness training, starting with Taekwondo at the age of 13, in Islamabad, Pakistan. After eight years of training in Taekwondo, Majid traveled to the United States at the age of 21 in search of the legendary kickboxing champion Benny “The Jet”. Despite being a new native to the Western Front, Majid was able to locate Sensei Urquidez through hard work, perseverance and discipline in order to accomplish his dream of training under sensei. For over two decades, Majid trained under Sensei Urquidez and has now transformed into coaching people from all walks of life, from the youngest individual to the oldest. Majid has developed outstanding experience with instruction and has helped his students quickly and efficiently learn all of the desired techniques that Majid has refined over his lifetime, especially when Majid was actively competing. Majid travels the world pressure testing his martial arts experience by competing through the circuits of professional kickboxing, boxing, grappling, and mixed martial arts, achieving numerous accolades and gold medals. Majid continues to train as a student to this day in order to achieve his best results for all of his pupils desiring to learn the martial way. 

Majid Raees brings a positive element of martial arts leadership through a daily lifestyle of continuous hard work, dedication and constant development for the student he instructs. Throughout his journey, he has managed to develop a deep understanding of human psychological sorrow through the rigors of physical, mental and spiritual hurdles that we all face during those intense moments in life. This accumulative experience is constantly translated into his students without words brought forth into the techniques he has crafted in life, especially healing. Majid firmly believes that the finest steel only forms its perfect shape when it has been completely melted by fire. Once melted, Majid believes that the steel is now ready to take on its true form. 

Some of his accolades and accomplishments include currently the highest ranking student under Benny “The Jet” received the title of being his protégé, US International Gracie Open Grappling Tournament Champion, Japan international Championship Kickboxing Knockout in one minute and 27 seconds, the National Blue and Gold California Light Middleweight Boxing Champion, USA ABF California Golden Gloves Light Middleweight Boxing Champion, USA ABF Amateur Fighter of the Year, California State Junior Middleweight Kickboxing Champion, gold medalist all Asia Taekwondo Championship, bronze medalist all Asia Taekwondo Championships and Australian National Triathlon Champion. 

Genesis of the Journey

I was 13 years old, and I was in Pakistan at the time. I was born in Kuwait, but I moved to Pakistan for my boarding schools. I used to watch with my uncle Jackie Chan movies. I was obsessed about Jackie Chan. One day, there was a fight with Jackie Chan and Benny “The Jet,” they were fighting each other very good. I said, “Oh! my God, Who’s this guy? This guy’s incredible.” My uncle said, “He’s a real world champion.” I said, “I want to train with this guy one day.” I was 13 years old. My uncle said “Yeah you’re right.” And he started laughing at me. I started training and I started competing and won the all Pakistan, the fastest knockout back in my country. 

I flew to the States to look for him, searching from all different gyms. I went to each individual dojo looking for him. They said, “We know who he is, but we don’t know where he is.” One dojo had his phone number, and I ran back to the hotel and called them up. And I said, “Is this Benny “The Jet”?” “No. Well, I’m his wife, but yes.” I said, “I want to come see him. I’m in New York right now. I was looking for him.” He says, “Well, here we are and here’s the address.” She thought it was just a fake phone call. Two days later, I’m with my suitcase in front of the dojo, standing in front of Jets Gym. And I’m like, “Oh, my God, this is my school.” I go inside and his wife says, “Honey, you won’t believe this. He’s here. He’s standing in front of me. He has no place to stay. He wants to come stay and train with you.”  

I became a student, became his protégé and fought around the world with him under his name. I was very lucky, very fortunate, the wisdom and knowledge that he had taught me to do things. Plus also my own hunger of desire to find him was in itself great, like dreams do come true if you put the effort. You have to put some effort too and there’s a lot of healing during this process because we do have to struggle to do a lot of ups and downs and hurdles and struggles. All these things that come immensely fall on you very quickly to test your faith and test your belief, to test your spirit, what you’re made of. Remember, in my world, you get tested right there and then, when you get punched by the world champions, world ranking in the world, take your jaw off. I remember the first time the guy popped my jaw and dislocated my jaw. I had a broken nose and cracked ribs, because it’s a tough fight, a championship like you’re competing with top professionals in the world. Where I came from, I was a Taekwondo champion. I wasn’t a kickboxing champion, but I did have boxing skills. But it’s very different. Americans have very advanced in boxing. 

The tools were very, very dense and very decadent here as compared to the rest of the world and the skills are very refined, especially talking with Benny “The Jet” the legendary teacher. I was very, very, very quickly humbled being in the ring with the top fighters from America. That was a long journey from there to where I am today. During this time, it wasn’t the championship that I wanted. It wasn’t the skills of knocking out people, being the greatest fighter or being the good fighter in the gym, or being the fastest kicker. It was just incredible to see how you managed to connect with each other’s being without even saying one word. In the world of fighting, we don’t talk. We feel and recognize these energies. And just recognize these energies during my training with sensei all these years. Recognizing that you can see the pain in other person, even if he puts a poker face. Now I’m not talking about the physical pain that I had just given to him as my gift to him, but as the gift that he has from his past, he carries on with it. You can see people bringing on their luggage in the ring and with so much heaviness in them and it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with their own struggle. Sometimes this becomes their soundboard to release. This for me was a platform of studying so many incredible things about human nature, human behavior of men and women. I went to everyone. I wasn’t limited. In the gym, we’ve had people come from all around the world because Benny was one of his own kind. He was the undefeated World Champion around the world and all the greatest fighters would come down to train in his gym. At that time, he had already stopped fighting. He was just trying having fun. I was the soundboard so people would come to me and I would feel energy from all different places. He would sit down and say, “What did you feel?” and I would say “I felt this, I felt this.” It was just incredible to know that humans have so much to offer and without even saying a word, I can send so much detail about refining things. That’s where my world changed in a very different way.

We’re All Fighting Something

In the world of fighting or kicking or punching, the punches go so fast, by the time you react to something, it’s too late to react. There’s the example, I was working with this guy, he was about five feet away from me. I punched him and he came back, he said to me after the fight, after the conversation, we sit down, we talk about sparring. He said, “I didn’t have the chance to blink my eye, by the time your punch went back, I didn’t have the time to blink.” And my teacher said to me, “Why don’t you tell him the answer?” I told him, “The reason you didn’t manage to blink, was because I thought I caught you thinking in your head. And you have to know. We have to connect with each other and recognize where people are, and when you punch me, you’re not going to tell me anything. I have to study and listen to you without even saying a word.” So listening, it’s not just a physical thing. It’s an energy thing, a vibration that humans generate. You can feel the healing or the energy of batteries, your good energy, all these things are linked with the vibration that we generate. 

I have to share this story with you because you talk about energy and this is a great story to tell. I was at the gym, and this kid every time he would come and whenever no one would be there, he would train with one of my boxing coaches. Every time he would pass me by, I’d feel my hair stand at the back on my head. He wasn’t big, he wasn’t small. He was a normal guy, didn’t look any dangerous. But every time he would ride me by, I had a vibration in my skin. I kept on asking coach, “Who’s this guy?” My coach, “Don’t worry about him.” I said “No, I wanna know who this guy is, because every time he passes me or something, I feel this intensity in my body.” I saw him training and I when I saw him twice, I’ll take him I have no problem. I said, “Why am I behaving like this? Why I’m already taking as a challenge? He just walks in the gym and my hair stands up every time he walks in.” I found out this is how you’re all the time when you bring attention to yourself. Later on I found out that he was getting prepared to go in prison for life imprisonment. He raped and murdered a mate, assumed guilty of raping and hurting something really bad to other people. I don’t know if he did something there, but he was going forever. So that vibration that came in my body wasn’t giving me a bad sense. 

We all have these intuitions within us. We ignore them. One of the hunters says to me, “How’s that possible?” I said, “Do you ever notice when you go for hunting, you have a deer in a telescope half a mile away. The deer can’t smell, can’t do anything. He gets up, looks left and right and runs away.” He said, “It happens to me.” I said, “Because we all have the sixth sense within ourselves.” Like a mom knows about her kids, “Hey, honey, what’s going on today?” And mom can know if the kids are wrong, right! We all have this intuition like parents have towards the kids. When we all connected with all my students, I will pick up a call I feel something I’ll call them right there and then they’ll tell me, “How did you know to call me?” and I said, “I listened and I feel.” When you connect with people, you have these intuition things inside of you. That’s why when somebody is punching or kicking or somebody coming with bad intention, first of all you have to recognize is it coming from intention that he has his own issue? Or is it company with something that he wants to do against you? When you recognize these feelings, they elevate you on a different level, I don’t take anything personal from anybody. That’s the first thing I learned in the world of fighting. Nothing is taken personally.

You Have To Conquer Self First // Everyone Has an Energy Within

It’s an accumulation of a lot of self-reflection. I can’t say that it just fell upon my foot like this. I had to struggle a lot. It was a lot of struggle, a lot of punishment that I had to go through to test my own self. I have to say, it’s never over. Every day you wake up, there’s a test every single moment, every single second in your life. It’s healing and constructing and healing and breaking. You constantly have to grow, you constantly have to adapt, you constantly have to get tested. Everything you think you got, it becomes a test. My favorite saying, “If you wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.” So every time you think you got it, you’ve been tested. I think the reason I got this, and I’m thinking I’m still working on it, it’s not a thing that you always get. It’s constant. I’ve been through a lot of struggles to understand my pains and my own agony and my own challenges. If I feel this way, I know that every other soul feels the same way. How did they deal with it? May be they didn’t have the right teacher, didn’t have the right team structure. Some people physically express anger and they can’t relate with words. 

I was all about hands and feet expression. I wasn’t very articulate with my words, I’m still working on them, actually. I’m not very clear with how I describe my things. I noticed the more I would write the more I would read, I was able to express and comprehend my feelings towards sensations, I could relate with other people and how I could connect with them. The more I recognize my own pain, my own agony and realize every soul goes through the same thing, when I would see you, I would recognize some part of you in me. That’s why I said the same thing. When I see people, what they’re going through, what stages they’re going to, maybe I went there, maybe haven’t gone there. Everybody that you come across, every human that you encounter, they’re actually showing you some part of you and some part of you is showing them. When somebody comes in the ring with me, I’m actually watching myself. How would I behave and how could I be here? The problem is, you can only understand other people when your own noises are shut down. You cannot master and conquer anybody else if you have not conquered yourself and I don’t mean to conquer the people in that way. You can’t be able to listen to them if you don’t manage to manifest to understand who you are. That’s when you’re going to understand other people and not judge them for who they are because we only judge because we don’t know how to cope with our own issues. When you don’t judge other people that means now you’re understanding who you are, you know any given moment you feel great 100%. Five minutes later the game will change second. 

In the world of fighting, you get tested very quickly, you finish the fight, win the fight and the next time he knocks you out punch and shit I’m losing the match now. So now you got to put your senses together, you’re out of breath, you have no gas, no stamina, your last run to them. What are you going to do? That means you have to bring your inner core and inner energy. That energy messes with a bigger source of knowing that I am not in control. I am only a vessel that listens and vibrates according to what has given me and the moment you lose the connection with a high energy you are definitely bound to go down the drain. 

That’s why warriors hang out with warriors themselves. They want to hang out with those kind of people because they lift themselves up, like you, energy. I hang out with energy people who understand our language. You and I, we understand. People who are in the same frequency will recognize our vibration, our conversations and understand how they relate with something’s not feeling right. That feeling is not from your thought process. If it’s coming from your thought, you lost it. It has to come from the heart. The heart is the purest thing that I can say that is very pure and very honest. When you don’t involve your thinking, it’s incredible. That’s what I think for me, the heart is a pure connection to the universe and that’s what’s given us vibration. When we go in the ring, we hit gloves with each other, we hug, we shake hands, what is it? It’s a connection, the moment you click with each other, the energy ignites, like even animals, they smell, or they sniff, or they touch or they move, and then they recognize the energy, okay, then they’re friends. But before the energy, we do not know what standard state you are in, and humans, and our natural mechanism is to protect ourselves. So, we hold our distance, we shake hands from a distance, or we wave hands, to acknowledge energy. All of this came naturally to us, because we are like another creature on this earth. We’re based on energies.

From Front Row as Student to Back Seat as Teacher

Being a teacher is hard because I’m not in control what’s going to happen, I can only guide them and show them the path where they’re going to come. Sometimes it’s very easy to see what’s coming ahead of them because they can’t see the big ditch on the road that they’re running on straight across. I was very fortunate I get to work with very well-known people, musicians, artists, producers, directors, actors, very fortunate with that. And, I’m very fortunate they have trusted me with sharing my knowledge and wisdom with them, that I am able to get them to a different level. The reason is, you can’t teach the journey if you have not walked the journey, and everybody has their own journey. I am just explaining my journey. Their hurdles could be different than mine, but at the end of the day, they have to approach the same way. How you cope with your issues and your problems tells you what kind of warrior you are. A female warrior, warrior, it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, how we deal with this interaction shows our strength. It’s not how hard you’re hit, it’s how you react to the hit that makes you stronger. It’s not about “How hard can I punch somebody?” When somebody hits you, how do you take it? Do you comeback, Baba Baba! You study it and watch what it takes. Do you easily respond back like animals? Animals react. We are humans. We don’t react, we pro-act, we train ourselves, have the emotional intelligence, how to cope with our feelings and suppress them and understand reaction is going to be bad at this time. Recognizing these things brings us on the right platform. 

The Connection

The issue of energies, we don’t have to say the word. Sometimes, the words we say don’t have enough meaning to recognize the word field. For example, when you see a baby and a mom, and the mom looks at the baby and the baby looks at mom, there is no word,  the baby doesn’t know the language. The baby knows that this is my mom. The mom knows what the baby wants without even saying anything. So what is that thing? That thing is a connection. That thing goes as we get older with somebody you love, with your brothers and sisters, with your soulmate or the person you care about. It doesn’t have to be only soulmate. It could be anybody you look up to with respect. Me and my sensei when we talk I mean, the moment I haven’t spoken to him for two days, I pick a call and he says, “I was just talking about you” and I said, “This is the topic we’re talking about” it’s exactly the same topic we’re talking about. We don’t even have to bring up the subject, we already know where we’re heading on to. It’s intuition. You’re so in tune with each other. I think we all have these. The moment our noises in our head shut down, we can hear the noises outside way clearly. I would always say if you do want to listen to the noises in your head, close your eyes and get away from your head, connect with your heart in your heart vibration will tell you so much.

Mental Training, Mental Agility and Mindset Training

I don’t tell them too much because then I think I’m in control. You say something, you push them in that direction. Some people don’t like to go, but some are very interested and would like to know. I say, “Hey, you’re doing the training, obviously, you’re taking things personally,” or I would say, “You know, you are you lost, you have to get out of your tunnel vision.” Most artists get lost in tunnel vision. There are different things, you can’t say anything, because everybody’s different, every day is different. My job is to transport them from making the product to delivery of the product on this journey. During the journey that is almost like a warrior mentality state, you have to be disciplined, you have to be held accountable for your behaviors, you have to be held accountable for the actions you’re doing, because, let’s say you’re doing something else, and in normal lifestyle you’re behaving radically stupid or inappropriate, it affects your performance in every way you see. You can’t say you live like a monk and you act, nightclub in the daytime. That won’t work. If you say to your senseis that you have to work the way you are, discipline, where you are, wake up in the morning, do you routines, not for anybody else but for yourself. 

Same thing with anybody that I work with. If they I hold them accountable for their behaviors, their attitudes, if one thing in life goes wrong, affects the other way. You can’t say I’m only good in this thing, only bad in one thing. That affects everything. We are all balanced human beings. That’s why if you see one guy is amazing martial artists or artists or music, he has to be good, balanced in everything. He has to completely balance it, it cannot push other things around. “Oh! He’s not good at this, he likes to drink. Oh! He’s not good at relationships, he’s bad with talking to men and women.” That’s a big thing. Everything has to be balanced, you cannot move on at any stage in life. If you’re not balanced with your family, your personal life, your relationships, your addictive eating food, your addiction of anything that we do not know from YouTube to… There’s so many things that come about, but I am responsible for holding them accountable for what they do and to the best performance and bring the best light out of them. Sometimes, when the fighter is fighting in the ring, he cannot see himself, what he’s doing wrong. Only the outside person is calling him to say listen, you’re dropping hands down and you’re getting too cocky, you’re gonna get knocked out.

Write It Down and Be Accountable to Someone

We are very good at teaching other people, holding their mistakes. Humans are so good at pointing fingers at everybody else’s mistake, but they think they can’t do that. When I started training at 13, 14 years old, I created a process. Like I’m teaching somebody, giving a lesson: “I’m gonna wake up, I’m gonna do 500 kicks, 200 pushups, 300 sit ups,” and I would write them on a paper. If I would make a program for somebody, that’s how I would make a paper and a list to hold me accountable to do this thing. First, as a teacher I would write it down. Then I look back, look at myself, now I have to do this. 

Every day there will be pressure, how many tick marks are added. You have to be truly honest with yourself, what are you going to do. If you’re not honest with yourself, you’re just faking your time and delaying the process of the pathway you’re going. In so many cases people don’t hold themselves accountable. It takes a lot of guts. It takes a lot of courage to do it. I encourage everybody to do that. But if you can’t do that, take one of your friends and say “Listen, hold me accountable, today I have to read at least 20 pages of this book.” Hold me accountable. “Hey, at the end of the day, can I call you back let you know that I walked five mile, four mile?” Putting on social media that you added five miles, that’s not going to help you because, one day you do, one day you don’t do, we don’t know what it is. Instead of doing that, use your friends, use people who love you to hold you accountable and you take responsibility for them. That’s how warriors build each other up. It’s not individualized, usually the thing is so tough. You can do it. But it’s tough. You have to find some guidance or some teacher, some sensei, who can hold you accountable for it. 

I hold everybody accountable most of the time, because if I’m not honest with them, that means I’m dishonest to myself. If my son was drowning, how would I teach him, show him how to swim? If he seems okay, you have to show him how to swim. That means if I was drowning, I’ll be happy to be honest with me how to help me. You have to give true facts and two examples and help people out in something ever happened, you’re there for them, that you can actually help them. Be honest with yourself and be honest with the other people. The hardest thing I found, people want to please each other and not show them the real thing. “Hey, listen, I’m gonna tell you something. Honestly, you’re my friend. But you’re not doing what it is. And here’s what you can do. If you want to, if you don’t want to be my friend, I do understand that. But I do want to tell you that this is one thing, I can see what I can help you, and you can help me with what I need to work on.”

Supporting Others Brings Healing to Each Other

The reason people feel so isolated is because they have no connection with each other. Even when they have a connection, it is just verbal. But when you help each other you help support each other. It makes us feel like we’re important. When we are important for somebody we feel important for ourselves. We humans are made not for selfish reasons. We humans are made to help you to look at the generation before us, they made ability for the car, for the computers. Here we are today because of their hard work. So we have to make something for our generation. When we help each other, we actually helping ourselves by helping others. By building up this network connection, we feel valuable for our personal purpose on this earth and our value of humanity. I don’t live my life, living for myself, making money, just to live life for myself and then die away. If I have one soul I have saved through my podcast on my YouTube channel, I have saved humanity. I’ve done my purpose in this world. Long after I’m gone, my job is so my son can listen to the podcasts, listen to the message and listen to videos of kickboxing methods that I made, I want my generation to go like, “Wow, he showed us a way that can help us. He showed us a way we can come out of trouble.” That’s my focus on the young youth. The program is to help these young generations to connect and go look forward because in the old times, we had the relationship with the father, grandfather and the grandson. Now, the bridges completely collapsed. 

We don’t even have son and father because son is on his video games. Dad is working 24-7 salary earning. The dad and son have no connection. Whose mistake is it? Nobody’s mistake because the time has made us all to be lost in the world of matrix, we’re completely lost instead of connecting even deeper. My son and I we have something in common, like “Hi papa I miss you”, I say “I really miss you too.” He will say to me, “Give me energy,” I’ll go and hug him and he would hold me for several minutes. I’m so lucky sometimes he would beat me holding me long enough to give me energy. That melts my heart. When he was only four or five years I would teach him how to give me energy. “Can you give me energy?”, and he would give me energy, like “I’ll give you energy papa.” To-date, we still talk about energy, how you feel, how you don’t feel. I think it’s important even we spend few minutes instead of correcting what they’re doing wrong or right. We should connect with energy, connect with how you feel. Instead of teaching them do, this do this, you’re not teaching them because you are now ordering them. 

But if you talk about feelings, and that’s why I’m talking about the emotional intelligence lacking so much, like so much. The kids are connected more with the video games as they connected with us because they connect with the emotional part of video games. We have the opportunity to come down at their level and have this conversation and to bring to our level, but the problem is we’re not connected with any levels, and that’s what’s happening. We only tend to see each other when we’re having dinner. On the weekends, go have fun with your friends. That’s where we are losing the old essence of the energy part, how we recognize this. 

I think that’s where the healing starts because kids are missing a huge big gap in life that they feel the emptiness and that grows up to be a pain that grows up scarring, not able to connect with the parents. With a mother or father who passed away, they hold the scars for the parents who didn’t manage to tell them ‘I love you.’ ‘I care about you.’ I don’t know what it is. But I hope you know what it is. The last thing causes a lot of scarring, and that healing is not just hugging, not physical, it’s not just emotional. It’s hearing, looking, feeling, touching. All these sensations come about knowing. I want to talk about healing. I heal from food, what food do I eat that heals me? I take a breath, the breath away from my breathing. I take the breath of smell that heals me by smelling and you know your smell, smells you can send from your mom from your boyfriend or your girlfriend so smells healing, triggering all these chemicals, memory. This is healing from taste, what do you eat food with your mom, your dad you go from maybe your boyfriend. Maybe you feel the sensation, the touch of sensation, of touching your loved ones, the feeling that you get from them. Looking at their views, that’s when they say go out of the country, trave, l look at the world, you heal. Healing is with all different sensations, the breath, the bridge, the ocean. If you see the ocean, you and I, that’s where we go to the ocean water to heal myself.

The Ocean, the Cleanser

I go every morning and do about a mile or so in the ocean to connect with the ocean. First of all the ocean is salt and it neutral, I neutralize the ionization. Whatever EMF that we hold electric magnetic energy we have around us to the cell phone to 5G’s, 4G’s, all the things that we move around ourselves, we occupy this vibration. Even the cell phones we hold, they give us this radiation. So in order to neutralize them, we go to salt water, neutralizes, takes away all the magnetic energy around it. That’s why when people go to the ocean feel relief. The second of all, the noise of the ocean shuts the noise within yourself. So you should realize we are tiny minute and we look at the ocean and realize, shit we think we have everything in our head. 

We look at the ocean and realize that’s how tiny we are, a spec of sand. We look at the stars as I would take my son at nine in the evening and lay on the floor and look at the stars and look at them. And it will be quiet. Look at this. There are millions and millions of miles away from us and how tiny we are. As long as we recognize that where we are in this universe, we are not tiny pack for a second, we’ll be in and out and gone nowhere, then we realize, when we are nothing, we are everything. And when we are everything, we are nothing. This is my saying and I tell it to people all the time, try not to think you’re everything, then that’s when you’re nothing, when you’re nothing, that’s when you connect with everything. Being humble and being realized that our time is short, and make us so valuable for every single soul that you interact, like them, you’re part of the history, part of your memory for the rest of your life. Like, Vanguard then directs you to make great painters, they left something for us to connect with something for this world for the rest of the generation to come in to connect with this. It’s that suffering is sharing love and passing on the wisdom, so they can carry on from where they have left onto.

Life is an Opportunity

I had never mentioned but about 15 years ago, 12, 13 years I almost died from a staph infection given by the hospital. I almost lost my life and I had to fly the country to keep me alive. I saw my body on the bed as my soul left that I saw my body down there. I want to see the light. I don’t want to go to light. I said, because I have my son back, I came back. I woke up three days later. After that, I felt completely different about my life. In the last 14 years I have changed dramatically. I do all the things that I love, I started riding motorcycles, I started snowboarding, that I always wanted to do. I started doing all the things from swimming to things that I was scared of doing. When I remember being on the deathbed, I realized what’s important to me at this time is only the time that I spend with my loved ones and all the things that I want to put memories for them. If I didn’t have them, it was such a sad thing. 

Now every single moment I want to keep creating these memories because if I leave today, like it can happen any second, I want to make sure that I give my fullest to everyone, leave them the opportunity to live their life to the richest. It doesn’t mean you go spend your money. It doesn’t need wealth, it means the wealth you have inside of you, able to have this hunger to seek the open skies, the flowers of the skies, blue skies, look at them, feel the energy of people around you. People passing you by, look at them, how we are so perfect in so many ways. In an imperfect world with any can they take any given second, but everything is so balanced and perfectly organized. I think I really believe that every second that I’m on this earth is just an opportunity for me to discover myself and see what’s around me. What are they giving me around me?

The steel is only made perfect when we can only make the perfect shape when it’s been molded and molded and molded over and over again to make the best sword. That means in order for us to become who we are, we have to be broken down for who we are not. That means we have to weather the storm, weather the hardship, weather this tough terrains. How you come out of them makes you who you are, not by competing or beating them or fighting your resistance, having ego, having pride, having resistance, having anger for somebody that you have not let go of all these things that attach you down to this earth. I have anger with this person, I hate this person, or this guy cut me off. Oh my God, you hold so much resentment for so many things. Why don’t you let go cut yourself free. Really like an angel if you were dead, if you’d be dead today, these things won’t matter even for a second. Look how much time we waste our life by repenting on something that is not a value for even for a second. In that opportunity, we lose a whole grace of blessing for the universe around us. How unfortunate is that?

Change Your Words, Change Your World

My teachers say to me: I said “He did a great party. He hit me very well.” The teacher said “That’s the way you put it.” instead of “Oh, he hurt me.” Instead of saying “Oh he hit me. No!” By changing our words, we change the world around us. When you change the word you change the world. He gave me a good shot, he gave me great experience that woke me up and walked me in alignment, talking about that I talked about wake up I always talk about that. 

Wake up in Bliss

Wake up in bliss is my brand. I have a couple of people wearing it, and they love it and it’s a reminder, like every time you wake up. Wake up doesn’t mean that you wake up from sleep. Most people are working, sleeping in the world of the matrix and walking around and they’re asleep, they’re not awake. They’re not present. Why? Because they live robotic life, work-home, work-home. Their life is completely robotic. They have not managed to wake up from where they are. They think they have to work always in the robotic work. This is the work, this home, this is how it is. No, life is much more than work. Life is much more than being all systematic and having logics and everything you do in life. Yes, I’m not saying that logic, but look at the universe when it gives you a job or work or relationship, it comes out of nowhere. It doesn’t even make any sense. You think you’re in control No, I’m found this job, what really, and you will look at the circumstance. I’ve found this God union founder, you know how we come across, you have no control anything and we put logic. So when I say a wake up and whistling, the answers are all around us. And only when we’re awake, we get to see them. Only when we’re awake, we get to see runs, I say wake up every morning and be in bliss. Like be happy where you are. 

When you wake up in bliss, be content. When you’re content the world looks content. And if you’re angry, the whole world looks angry. I try to say every morning and remind myself and look at this and say okay, just remind yourself, you’re lucky you’re breathing one more breath again, this amazing world you have again, you’re waking up again. Look, how many great opportunities do you have, that you wake to wake up and redo again, that you have not done those things before? Wake up again, this time, do completely the opposite. See how that works. What you did in the past, change the past turned to something different. You made mistakes. It’s a great thing if you made mistakes, because now you know what not to do. By making mistakes, I always say it’s the best thing you did that because now you’re taking all the mistakes away. I’ve seen the greatest people who’ve been drug addicts, alcoholics, horrible life. They turn out to be amazing, sane people because they know what their walk, the journey is. Not that I’m saying you should do bad things. But I’m saying if you do bad things, it’s not a bad thing you learn to experience not to do them. But if you keep on the same path, you ain’t gonna wake up.

The Podcast

My podcast brings athletes from different top fields and it’s all about intelligence, emotional intelligence, emotional understanding. What you do in your fight, the way you fight is actually the way you deal with your life. Always pushing bullying things, you see when people stop pushing bully all the life. But the real fighters who have been fighting for decades and centuries who’ve realized there’s nothing as champion there’s nothing as somebody is good, somebody bad. No, it’s about how do you deal with your attitude under tough circumstances. Like I said, a steel is only molded when it’s depression, you can only find the perfect steel, when you mold it perfectly. That means the great characters only come up through tough terrain will go through the real character shop. Everybody looks perfect when something tough happens, how you react that really tells you who you are. And, the talking about this podcast is all about warriors talk about the understanding how to behave, how the attitude goes to it. 

I also have a YouTube channel I was teaching but recently my channel got bought by one of the top UFC schools. I did put my kickboxing over there. But I’m going back to get them in really busy with tough comes up because we’re coming out of the Corona now. And I already got my vaccination bottles on for last couple months. So now I’m working with busy back working with different artists and working in different people.

Anything Can Change any time

I’m very fortunate that I can put people on stage and tell them it’s not about fighting. It’s about you understanding the respect for each human being out there. Don’t ever underestimate any human being out there. It doesn’t matter what gender, every soul is so powerful than can take away. I used to train Ronda Rousey before she even became a world champion. One day she was crying. I was walking on the grass, “Why are you crying?” She says, “I have no jobs and I’m working two jobs and my boyfriend left me.” At that time, Ronda Rousey wasn’t even a fighter, not even competing. I said, “Ronda Rousey, can I tell you something?” she’s like, “What?” “You’re gonna look back at these days, you’re gonna laugh at them and smile at them. And you know why? Because you walk the journey, and watch your journey will change.” A year later, I called her and she was ringing Stock Exchange belt in New York. And she was a cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, she was a fighter of the year and the best fighter in the UFC at the time. That tells you that anything can change as long as you do your part. You do your struggle, stay on to it. Stay on to your dream. Hold on to your dreams. It wasn’t that easy for me. I held on to my dreams dearly and I punished myself and I got punished. But that was not punishment. That was testing for me to go through all these things, but I didn’t take anything personally and here I am fortunate to talk to you and able to give my journey to people and I hope and somebody can wake up from this state of sleeping that they are in, that everything is possible no matter what age you are, it does not matter. It’s not just in the ring the world fight is real world is much tougher than being in the ring because the ring is a short life. But the real life never ends until this game’s over. So fight all the way to the end like a warrior.

How to Find Me

YouTube, I’m gonna work on that. My Instagram is more active. Instagram is Majid Raees, @majidraees, you will have information there. I’m working on some new stuff though in general for kids, I’m creating a special online which is going to help kids to really help them in so many ways and I’ve been traveling back and forth and having some stuff but it’s really really good stuff is coming up

I had a great talk, this is so nice. Thank you again for putting me on your show, was one of the best things.

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