Spring / Summer 2021 | A conversation with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry


In this episode, Dr. Levry talks exclusively to Jessica about the Harmonyum Healing System publicly for the first time ever. Going deeply into how it is different from other healing modalities, he touches on addressing the root of the problem and not just the fruit (effect), how Harmonyum raises our consciousness and awareness so we can begin to heal permanently, and at root level. Dr. Levry discusses how we have been impacted as a society over the events of the past year and the global trauma that has resulted. He discusses the need for Harmonyum, in person and at distance as an essential and necessary healing modality to address collective trauma.

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A conversation with Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.

Today’s Exclusive Guest.

Dr. Joseph Michael Levry is an internationally renowned scholar, composer, author, and speaker whose universal message brings together the East and the West’s spiritual healing traditions. Dr. Levry seamlessly connects ancient Eastern wisdom, mysticism, and healing practices such as meditation, breath, work, and yoga, with revelatory Western science, mathematics, modern medicine, and metaphysics. Dr. Levry is the founder of the Global Gatherings for Peace and Healing and the Naam Los Angeles 501 (c)(3) Healing Research Institute and CEO of Rootlight International.

Through his music, lectures, and writings, he has united hearts and changed lives across the world through his unifying message of the profound healing power of unconditional love, global peace, and service to others. Dr. Levry’s vast body of educational material is evidence of his lifelong commitment to education, mentorship, and research. Ten extensive certification courses and lifestyle programs emphasize scientific exploration into human anatomy, physiology, neurology, endocrinology, and the integration with the Eastern and occidental metaphysical philosophy perspectives of the body. Subjects range from fertility and prenatal health to optimizing the brain and nervous system to extensive physical and spiritual applications for total wellness and specific health challenges.

Dr. Levry is the creator of Naam Yoga and the Harmonyum Healing System. The Harmonyum Healing System is a powerful, elegant spiritual healing system developed with the aim of making self-healing possible. It addresses disease at the mental and emotional level so that it may no longer exist in the physical body. Harmonyum leads to glowing health, vigor, happiness, and increased longevity through the slowing of the aging process.

Dr. Levry was commended by CNN Opinion and CNN Host Van Jones as a prominent world figure leading the health and wellness movement, working to improve physical and mental health, particularly in the black community in response to COVID-19 and beyond. He continues to offer extensive wisdom on fortifying the mind and body against COVID-19 and other diseases.


Dr. Joseph Michael Levry

Harmonyum is a Healing System

We’re living in a mentally and emotionally traumatic time. So Harmonyum healing is more needed now than ever. It would be lovely to have more and more people experience this.

I traveled extensively. For many, many years, I’ve been traveling from continent to continent, from countries to countries, and from cities to cities. I’ve met thousands and thousands and thousands of people that I was privileged to work with. They were faced with mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical disturbances. I petitioned the cosmic because I wanted to have a divine healing system that can address the root of any mental, emotional, physical, energetic problem that anyone may have. This is how Harmonyum was revealed to me. For the last 30 years, Harmonyum has proven to be an incredible and life-changing divine healing system. Everyone needs Harmonyum now more than ever.

Harmonyum is a divine, noninvasive, gentle—extremely gentle—divine healing system that addresses mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and energetic disturbances that most people go through at the root level. What it does is raises our consciousness. It expands our consciousness to recognize the principle of causality, the law of cause and effect impacting our lives. Through this awareness, we become aware of our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and attitudes, especially our attitude, because we view life through our attitude. We go through life through attitude, and our attitude is central. It is key. In metaphysical healing, healing starts with changing the mental attitude because every physical condition is a manifestation of a mental condition.

Therefore, yes, physical medicine is necessary. It is needed to address the physical body, but we have to go to the root of any mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and energetic problem. We need to go to the root, and the root is the mind. I’ve realized throughout the years that I’ve seen so many people go through all kinds of therapies, all kinds of healing modalities, but the thing is, no doctor can clean your mind. No therapist can cleanse your mind, and no one can clean your mind. We have to clean our minds. We have to face what we call our own darkness to see our light, to embrace ourselves and see our light. Harmonyum addresses the root cause. It goes to the mind, which means, in essence, you need spiritual healing. You need to address the mind. You need spiritual healing, and you need physical healing. Physical healing is good to address the physical body, but it’s not enough. You need to complement physical healing with spiritual healing. This way, you address human beings in a holistic and divine way to create a platform for self-healing, and self-healing creates a platform for permanent healing.


Focus on the root of the problem and not Just the Fruit

If you don’t get to the root of a problem, the healing you get is temporary. What we do when we don’t address the root of the problem is we’re buying a pocket of time where we resolve the physical aspects of the problem, which means we’re concentrating on the effect. This means when a disease or problem manifests and you can see it, it is the effect of something that is a cause. Yes, you have to address the effect, but if you want the effect not to repeat itself, you need to go to the root, which is the cause. If you don’t address the cause, what we are doing, which most healing modalities are doing, is we’re buying a pocket of time, of freedom.

The tree has a root. You realize that if its root is not good, the fruit, which is the effect—the physical manifestation of the problem—whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional, you have it manifesting in your reality. You can see it’s tangible. That is the effect. So you’re taking care of the effect, but if you don’t take care of the root, you’re buying a pocket of time. You get a few weeks of freedom, a few years of freedom because you’ve removed the fruit. But because the root is there, years after, the tree will give birth to new fruit. There is a new harvest. And that’s the problem that we need to solve in healing. Therefore, you need physical healing in order to take care of the fruit, but you need spiritual healing to take care of the root.


Harmonyum Will Allow You to Do for Yourself What Years of Therapy Will Never Do

We go to therapy to fix ourselves. We like to fix what is wrong. If you don’t want to change your life for the better, don’t have Harmonyum. If you don’t want to do what you love and love what you do, don’t have Harmonyum because Harmonyum is an agent of change. It creates a shift in consciousness, but ultimately, that shift in consciousness, which opens your heart and allows you to touch the light of your soul, will move you in a place in your life where you will be precisely where you’re supposed to be in the entire vast universe, which is your place—that place where you can find that happiness, a place where you can find what you love, do what you love, and love what you do.

Harmonyum will lead you there. After all, the healing has to be holistic in that it addresses every aspect of your life because healing is not only one aspect of your life. Healing has to address every aspect of your life, and that’s what Harmonyum does. It is important to address all of these various levels. Then you can manifest, enjoy what it is to be happy while you are going through your journey. Because ultimately, healing will take you to a place where you have harmony in every aspect of your life. If everything in your life is where it’s supposed to be, then you feel a certain sense of peace and serenity.


Getting To the Root of the Problem with Harmonyum

Harmonyum raises your consciousness. It expands your consciousness. Expanding your consciousness allows you to be aware of the little things you do, those little things that you don’t pay attention to that eventually are causing you to be sick or are causing some disturbances in your life. Through the process of receiving Harmonyum, you start paying attention to your thoughts. Naturally, you begin to pay attention to your feelings. You pay attention to your thoughts. You pay attention to your feelings, your words, how they affect you and how they affect others around you. You pay attention to your actions, and you pay attention to your attitude. This awareness will allow you to progressively eliminate the destructive energies of anger, fear, insecurity, of stress, and then they are gently and progressively replaced by feelings of peace and feelings of serenity.

By paying attention, or becoming conscious or aware, you can merge with your light because when you move in consciousness, you increase your light. Consciousness is light. When you are unconscious, you’re moving away from your light. If you’re unconscious of your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions, and your attitude, the light is not with you because you are in a state of duality. When you move from duality to divinity, from unconsciousness to consciousness, it’s a healing journey.

That healing journey will allow you to go to the root cause of what’s causing you to have disturbances in your life, which means looking at your thoughts. Are your thoughts against you? Are you thinking in a way that works against you? Are you feeling in a way that works against you? Are you speaking in a way that works against you? Are you acting, your attitude, does it work against you? Does it uplift you? Does it create a platform for healing?

You don’t see your thoughts, and you don’t see your feelings. They’re not tangible. Therefore, it’s difficult to relate to them. When you start paying attention because your consciousness has been raised by receiving Harmonyum, you begin to see the unseen thought progressively. You begin to see the unseen feelings progressively. Then those words that you’ve been repeating daily, suddenly you become aware of them. You start seeing those words, start becoming aware of them. You see the unseen, and you start becoming more aware of your actions. They’re no longer automatic. If you decide to eat the pizza, you are aware that you’re eating a pizza.

You evolve in everything that you do. You evolve that awareness in your thoughts, feelings, actions, speech patterns, and attitude. As a result, you bring much light to your life. Harmonyum fills you with light. It generates the light of consciousness. Where there is light, you cannot find darkness. In essence, bringing the light in your body with Harmonyum progressively eliminates the darkness of your life. No one does it for you. It is you that ignites consciousness, you are doing it for yourself., you’re cleaning your own mind.

It’s vital for us to understand that the universe is intelligent. We’re living in a very intelligent universe. That supreme intelligence that is keeping everything going is completely intelligent. Therefore our human body is an intelligent body. This human-computer is so intelligent, but the thing is, we are not aware of that intelligence. When we are aware of that intelligence, then its working is enhanced. And then, as a result, there’s a dance between our intelligence and the bigger intelligence of the universe. When they come together and dance together, they create a platform for you to have self-healing.


The Healing Crisis in Harmonyum

With Harmonyum, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, but you have to move through it. When you’re receiving Harmonyum, you’re switching the light of consciousness on. Think of your living room. Let’s say you have not touched anything in your living room for many years. It’s like the light is always off, and you walk through. You hit here, you hit there, but you don’t see it because it’s all dark in your living room. So you decide, let me switch the light on. When you switch the light on, you go, “Oh my God! What is this?” By switching the light of consciousness, you start to see what was already there and what needed to be addressed. If you don’t see it, you cannot do anything about it. You need to see it to address it.

Therefore, when you’re receiving Harmonyum, a healing crisis means going through a breakdown, before you’re going through a breakthrough. The breakdown doesn’t mean it’s so bad. No. You’re facing yourself. You cannot change without facing yourself. You have to face yourself. You can face everybody else in the world. That is not authentic. With healing, you must understand the level of authenticity. Your authenticity comes when you face yourself. When you face yourself, you have a chance to go through your darkness with compassion, embrace yourself with love, and then experience self-healing. In the process of expressing self-healing, you have an opportunity to find yourself.

When you find yourself, you find God, or you find the Divine, or you find a Creator. There’s no other way to find the Divine. There is no other way to find God. You can only find God when you find yourself because you are the manifestation of the Divine Spirit. You are made in the image and likeness of the creator. You are in the condition of the perfect idea of the creator. That you cannot realize until you find yourself. When you find yourself, then you realize, I am a divine spirit. I am a child of God. I am made in the image and likeness of the Divine. I am made in the image and likeness of love. You embrace love. When you embrace that love, you start living in your heart, which is a place of balance, to live in your heart. Then the sun, which is in your heart, shall shine in your life. It will shine upon everyone you cross paths with. It will shine on every aspect of your life. And wherever there is sunlight, there is joy.


The Best Way to Change the World is to Change Yourself

Harmonyum will improve not only your own life but all other areas of your life that aren’t working. You cannot improve without enhancing your surroundings. The best way to change the world is to change yourself. Harmonyum will allow you to switch the light of consciousness to face yourself, so you can change yourself because you want to change yourself to improve your life. When you improve yourself, you improve your surroundings. When you improve yourself, you improve your loved ones. You improve yourself, and you improve the world. When you change yourself, you change the world. That’s the best way.

But eventually, when you receive Harmonyum, you move to the next level. You start realizing that the best way for you to help yourself is to serve others after you improve yourself. You become an extension of kindness because you can face your darkness and find your light and compassion for others. When you face your darkness and find your light, you realize that the beginning of wisdom is kindness. And your life becomes an extension of kindness. And you extend your loving-kindness to others because you’ve discovered that the change you create inside you will affect others. The others as well will affect you because you still understand how interconnected we are all.


 Harmonyum is an Energetic Healing System

Harmonyum will move you from a state of stress to a state of complete relaxation. It will move you from a stressful, sympathetic, dominant fight and flight mode to what they call relaxation in the healing, parasympathetic, dominant, rest, and digest mode. This is where you create the platform for self-healing where you take care of yourself.

From the standpoint of energy, Harmonyum in quantum physics, as we talk about a unified field of energy, everything in the universe is energy. We are all moving, living, and having our beings in what they call God. All of us are living in the mind of God. The entire universe is nothing else but pure energy. The universe is a field of energy. Everything is interconnected, and we are connected to everything. Think about it. Everything is interconnected, and we are connected to everything. Life flows through our connection with others. Our individual consciousness is connected to the universal consciousness. Every aspect of our energy affects everything around us.

Everything we see, when you see a person through Zoom, for example, everything we think of is a part of us. Therefore, we can heal, we can extend our healing. So yes, Harmonyum will allow you to send healing across time and space. Yes, we went from a gentle form of hands-on Harmonyum, a very gentle divine system where you are meant to be present in person, to sending the healing through time and space to the person directly. We are all connected. The universe is all energy. We have the most amazing and the most brilliant form of following the harmonic, constructive, positive, and curative laws of the cosmos in order to regulate the human body and all of the creative force within the human body to create a platform for self-healing for someone to embrace their own light.

Harmonyum Distance Healing

It’s so sweet to see all the skepticism around the distance healing. I love it. I used to be very skeptical myself. I just enjoy that. Harmonyum is beautiful. It just gives you a practical experience of the reality that one can’t put in words.

Let me touch upon healing from the standpoint of what is happening now. This is a very stressful time. This is a mentally and emotionally traumatic time. It is mentally, emotionally and physically, an incredibly traumatic time. It is a time of mass trauma because the trauma is connected. It’s not individual. It’s collective trauma, and such collective trauma has to be addressed. If it is not addressed, it is transferred to generations. Some of us are living some of the trauma that was not processed by previous generations. It goes from war to various aspects of social disturbances that took place in the past.

So we are doing Harmonyum at distance in a time of trauma. People need that connection because most are so isolated. Human beings are emotional entities, and we strive for love. We are isolated, and in that isolation, we face this incredible level of trauma, which is affecting us in ways that we cannot even describe. We need to bring a healing system that would be an extension of us, which will connect in the forms of connection because people are connecting by phone, by social media, and everything else. We need to extend the healing. We need to connect in a way where spiritual healing can be manifested in a way as to start doing something about trauma. It’s important. We can connect on social media in various ways, but it is crucial for us to address the trauma right now before it becomes something else. Harmonyum is giving us the chance to do it at a distance. That is why it is one of the best things to do right now to address this incredible trauma.

So we are blessed to have this system, which is beautiful, sophisticated, yet simple, which follows cosmic principles and the harmonic beautiful electronic laws of the Divine. And when you apply those laws, they’re very mathematical. When you use them, you have what it is you’ve already experienced—the incredible healing that most people exposed to the distance healing go through.


The Difference with Harmonyum

Harmonyum is different in that it always goes to the source. Harmonyum is more interested in the root cause of the problem. Not only is it interested in the root cause of the problem, but the source of Harmonyum is divine spiritual wisdom. Divine spiritual wisdom is the manifestation of arcane wisdom. The best way to put it, is the psychotherapeutic application of divine truth.

Now, to have freedom from any disturbances, whether it is mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, energetic, you need freedom from it. Freedom only comes from the divine truth. Divine spiritual wisdom is the root of divine truth. Divine spiritual wisdom is the manifestation of divine love, which is the source, the root of limitless life. It is a source of divine wisdom as a source of limitless light. And it is the source of divine truth as a source of freedom. When you are using Harmonyum, hands-on or at a distance, you use the manifestation of love, wisdom, and truth as a source of life, light, and freedom.

You always benefit from Harmonyum. It doesn’t matter what treatment you’re getting, whether it’s physical or distance, whatever treatment you’re getting, you will always benefit from Harmonyum healing. Why? Because Harmonyum is concerned with the root of the problem. I want to go to the root of the problem. Most treatments focus on the physical body. Harmonyum is more interested in the root. Harmonyum is spiritual healing, which eventually spreads its vibrations through the physical body. Harmonyum works on the vibratory levels. It works in the spiritual body’s vibratory energy, but through the spiritual body, the vibratory energy is extended to the physical body.

It will work on the vibratory energy of the physical body through your spiritual body so that you can become what God has decreed. Like man had the living soul, which means the breath of life was active in them so that they can manifest the light of the Divine, which is manifested through healing on all levels. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re getting as healing. Harmonyum will address the root cause. It will support you. It is the best form of spiritual hygiene. You need spiritual hygiene. You need to get Harmonyum often. From time to time, once a month, a couple of times in a week, it’s good to get Harmonyum. You need that hygiene. Spiritual hygiene is important because you create a platform for sanctity. When there is sanctity, there is purity. And where there is purity, you are in touch with the divine world.

No Spirituality without Integrity and Commitment

There is no spirituality without integrity and commitment, and healing is a commitment. It’s a commitment to oneself and dedication to the Divine, and commitment to change. When you want to create a change of positive nature, you have to commit. That commitment has to have some level of integrity of you to you. You have to have integrity and commitment. When you have integrity and commitment, the result is incredible. Their results become divine.

Healing is not getting into a taxi and getting out of a taxi before you get to the destination. You’re getting in many taxis, but you never get to the destination because you’re always getting out. You get one taxi, you come in, and then you just say, “Okay, stop.” You get out, and you get another taxi. You never get to your destination. The thing is, once you get Harmonyum one time, that’s it. The moment you get Harmonyum, the change starts, and you cannot stop that change. It will just move you toward a change that is the most beneficial to you. Everything that is meant to change for your benefit in order to advance you in this incarnation on earth, in order to move you toward your heart, shall happen.


Can anybody be a Harmonyum Practitioner?

The prayer of my heart is for every single person to be exposed to Harmonyum so that we may all become a flame of love, a flame of peace, and a flame of light. Then we can turn this earth into a Garden of Eden where we can interact in a healing way so that we may create a platform for future generations to have a world that is a world of love and light. Yes, everyone should learn Harmonyum. Harmonyum is open to everyone. Everyone who would like to serve others, if you desire to serve others. If your desire is to make a healing difference in not only your life, you should receive Harmonyum. If your desire is to create a healing difference in others people’s lives, the lives of your loved ones, the people that cross your path, then learn Harmonyum.

Ultimately, it would be incredible to have Harmonyum in every family because then you have spiritual hygiene regularly, and spiritual hygiene is the key to wealth, success, health, and love. It is the key in the door to harmony. It is the key and the door to protection. It is the key and the door to abundance. It is the key and the door to prosperity.


The Golden Nugget

There is an amazing healing system, which is now becoming known, that everyone should be exposed to because it will move you into your heart. It will open your heart. First, it will raise your consciousness. It will cause you to be aware of your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your actions, your attitudes so that you may not be dependent upon the past. When you receive Harmonyum, you prevent the past from defining whom you’re supposed to be, what it is you’re supposed to have, and what your life is supposed to be. When you receive Harmonyum, your past no longer defines you. When you receive Harmonyum, not only does your consciousness expand, but it will open your heart. Harmonyum is an imitation of your own essence. It gives you a sense of infinity. It opens your heart to touch the light of your soul.

Eventually, it will move into a place in your life where you’ll find what you love, where you do what you love, and love what you do. Who would not want to love what they do and do what they love? Harmonyum will take you there.


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