Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Courtney Miller


In this episode Courtney shares her journey to wellness and how she arrived at Harmonyum. She talks about the importance of pain and how human beings primarily learn and grow in wisdom through suffering. She discusses the influence of our immediate environment from family, to our internalized beliefs, intergenerational trauma, and how we are products of where we come from.

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A conversation with Courtney Miller.


Who is Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is a Co-founder of Naam LA and Director of Harmonyum, a lifelong student of the nature of patterns, internalized beliefs, and habits. Courtney is a wellness expert that specializes in guiding people to break free of intergenerational trauma and conditioning through the applied knowledge and healing application of divine spiritual wisdom, the laws that govern nature, humans and the energetic world. Courtney believes in the innate power and goodness in every human being and has dedicated her life to helping others in their healing journey, to progressively move from self-rejection to self-acceptance, and from self-sabotage to self-love in order to live a life of health, happiness, and positive contribution to life. 

The Journey

I didn’t grow up in a religious household, but I did grow up with like Lutheran and with those stories. I had a children’s Bible book. And when I first read that story, this person named Jesus was able to heal somebody just by his presence, just by somebody touching his cloak. I wasn’t there, but it was the story. It touched me. It resonated with something inside of me. Ever since I heard that story, I thought that’s what I want. I want that. I want to be that person that can go out in the world and can cause healing in people around me whether I talk to them, or I don’t talk to them. I didn’t know, but my heart is like this six-year-old girl totally knew. I was just like I can do that. I want to do that. That’s what I want to do. So ever since then, that has been in my mind in the forefront or in the back. 

And then eventually, I went through life. And then I found myself moving to New York coming from Texas. One of the reasons I moved to New York was because I was ready to find a teacher. I had an incredible teacher. I was blessed. I’ve always been blessed with amazing teachers, but I’ve been with my last teacher. He taught me Iyengar yoga, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic and Sufi, and all these kinds of wisdom. But I knew I was ready to find my next teacher. I moved to New York as an opera singer and looking for my next teacher. Three weeks into New York, I found the center Dr. Levry opened. And a month later, he was my teacher. That was in 2001.

It’s my 20th anniversary of working with Dr. Levry. It is amazing. I kind of have a little funny, interesting, divine thing. The day I chose and I consciously chose the day I wanted to be my first day in New York, even though I didn’t officially know the laws of nature or anything that I know now. I know Summer Solstice is an important day. That’s going to be my day. I gave myself six weeks. It was like one of those decisions. I was like I’m doing it. I’m moving. And it’s gonna be June 21st. And I landed June 21st, early, early, early in the morning, because I’d taken a late-night flight. And that happened to be the first day that Universal Force Healing Center Opened. So that was the first center that Dr. Levry had. So it was amazing how it all mapped up. 

I was actually in a super solid place when I got there. I had been getting acupuncture every week for a couple of years. I was swimming, I was doing Iyengar yoga, like teaching and three to five days a week. I’d been coming from doing Iyengar yoga two to three times a day. I was swimming, I was biking. I was physically, emotionally, mentally in my A game. I didn’t think I needed anything really. So it was funny. When I happened upon the center three weeks after being in New York, I was like, should I go in? Should I not? Finally went in. They offered me a job. I’m like, I don’t need a job. I already have some jobs. I’m good. Which you know, in New York, and as a yoga teacher, that is not the normal response. 

So that’s where I was coming from. But I was very, very intent that there were certain things I wanted to learn about that I couldn’t find that knowledge from anywhere. I’ve always been in the cold section of the bookstore on family book trips. I booked third trips, and always be looking at the astrology and the hands and the face and the handwriting. I was getting into Carlos Castaneda books and dreaming. I knew there was so much more, and I’m like, where do you find this? And that’s what I wanted to teacher for. That’s Dr. Levry. I made a list. When I moved to New York, I created this space, and I made a list of everything I wanted to learn. After a few weeks of taking class with Dr. Levry, I realized I don’t need 10 teachers. I just need this one teacher, and that he was also able to teach me things that I hadn’t even imagined that I wanted to learn. It was like a homecoming. It was amazing.

I was so grateful. I was like, Oh, I don’t have to run around like going to this Carlos Castaneda meeting here and this acupuncture thing here. It was all in Dr. Levry. This is what a spiritual master is. They can open up the doors to the libraries of the world.

You get to some point where you’re in touch with what’s inside of you, and you can listen to that voice. And if you’re in touch with that, and then you’re presented with this wisdom, this knowledge, that voice inside of you recognizes that to be true, even if your mind doesn’t understand. Because honestly, I just want people to know that I’m also relatable. When I first took my class with Dr. Levry, I was like, I don’t think I’m coming back. I don’t think I’m coming back, but what happened is like the days went by because it was just a weekly class. All the kind of like, what is this? I don’t understand this, this isn’t that. All that settled. By the time it came time for the next week, that little voice in me was like, “This is what you want. This is what you need. This is what you’re looking for.” 

Thank God, there was a whole week in between because maybe I wouldn’t have gone back if it was like the very next day. For months, every week I went through that process. Because when you start to learn the laws of nature, that govern nature, that govern human beings, and dare I say that govern the divine world, the spiritual world, the energetic world, because it’s so foreign to us in our daily life. It can make you feel skeptical. It can make you feel like you don’t trust it. It can make you feel all sorts of things, because we have this Western mind, show me and then I’ll believe it. That’s why you really need to be able to listen inside because inside you recognize it when you hear the words coming out of that. For me it’s Dr. Levry’s mouth. My brain might be kind of like what, but my heart recognizes it. It feels at home. I recognize the truth. So that ability to recognize the truth, it was like he was telling me something I already knew. So I was able to trust that.

My Iyengar teacher, God rest his soul, used to say, “If you come to class and you think you have a problem, you’ll leave class with no problem. If you come to class and you don’t think you have a problem, you will leave with a problem.” That speaks to a perception and our awareness and our consciousness. So I went in thinking I’m cool. I just want to learn some things, to realizing wow, I have a lot inside that is keeping me from being my best self. I experienced it the way the mystics call it the dark night of the soul. It wasn’t a single night. It was years. It wasn’t something that I went to bed and woke up and everything was fine. It was a process. Honestly, I’m still going through that process. I think what happens is, everybody has different ways of saying this. It’s like an onion, you peel back layers, you go through layers, and then you make a shift, and then you have some peace rest time, and then you go deeper. Because there’s no limit to how much our consciousness can expand. 

As painful as it has been internally, because on the outside I’m super optimistic. I’m very positive. All of that’s true. It’s authentic. It’s how I am. But I’m also a human being. I’m also a soul on a journey. My soul is like I came here to do some work. So, I have that going on too. So that journey of my souls so far, it is painful. You do understand what mystics say when they say like human beings primarily learn through suffering, and that there’s no birth of consciousness without that sacrifice, without that pain. The wisdom comes from the pain. And the way that we say is like think about a woman who’s giving birth to a child. That child is the symbol of the divine. It’s that light. It’s that love, but the woman has to go through the carrying, the labor, the delivery. That is how it is. It is a very real process that for me as I stand and sit here right now, what I have come to the conclusion is that the essence of all of any challenges that I’ve experienced in life, my filters, my condition, whatever it comes down to self-worth. As I peel back that layer, I see more and more that absence of self-worth. It’s so weird because on the outside you can be so confident. You think you’re cool, but then when you start to go deeper, okay, why isn’t this working in my life. Why am I having problems here in my relationship or in my career or even in my health? Depending on your planetary influences, my body has changed shape so many times in the last 20 years, but underneath that has to do with those internalized beliefs that at some point came from low self-worth, low self-respect. 

I’m somebody who was blessed to be raised in a family that believed in me, that believed in women’s equality, that believed in my intelligence. My internalized beliefs a lot of them came from what I observed outside of me, not necessarily from the words my parents gave me. I have so much compassion for people who have that plus whatever kind of destructive conversations and words in your immediate family environment. It just gets layered and layered. We as human beings if you look around and you see all the stress, all the tension, all that anger, all the suffering, all the resentment, all the blaming, we are products of where we come from. And our parents are products of where they came from. This talk of ancestral work that’s becoming more and more popular. It’s so needed. For me in my mind like as a Harmonyum practitioner and Director of Harmonyum, I think of ancestral work, I think of like intergenerational trauma, and I think of like, yes that is what we need to clear, that we need to address, that we need to heal that. We need to release that. That’s where for me why I am here 20 years later going like no, I don’t need a job. I want to do this. I want to be a leader for this. I want to be a leader for bringing this in the world because this is the primary modality that has helped me on my personal soul journey. I know if it can help me, I know it can help others. As you said, it helps you, it helps all my clients, it helps anybody I know who’s committed to receiving it and participating in that journey.

About Harmonyum

Harmonyum is one of my favorite things to talk about. Harmonyum, we refer to it now as a healing system because there are so many techniques within Harmonyum for specific different needs. We have different techniques. Harmonyum at its essence I say it’s an energetic healing technique. It’s an energetic modality. But it’s not some willy-nilly I-do-what-I-feel-like or I’m seeing you have this so I’m gonna do this. No, no, no, no. It’s much more Western in a sense. There’s a protocol. There’s a sequence. There’s a technique. We do the same technique every time we do that particular Harmonyum technique.

It’s an application of laws. In our daily life, we have scientists. One of their jobs is they discover the laws of nature. They tell us about gravity. They tell us about momentum. They tell us about energy. Harmonyum is a healing modality that is an application of the laws of nature so that you can come into harmony with nature, specifically, your nature, because all upsetness or challenges, all imbalances, whether it’s physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, all of that is because we have violated a law of nature. It’s kind of heavy to use the word violate, but I’m going to just give you an example like a car. When we drive, there’s traffic lights. When it’s red, we know to stop. That’s the law of traffic lights. When it’s green, we go. When it’s yellow, we slow down. 

I believe in the innate goodness of life. I believe that we were not born to suffer. I believe that this planet is a gift for us. I believe that we’re here to express our divinity. And so when we talk about violating the laws of nature, what I’m really talking about is like when we use our thoughts against ourselves. When we speak negatively against ourselves, that is a simple, perfect example of what I called violating the laws of nature. Every time we say something negative to ourselves or mean or judgmental or anything like that, we’re violating the structure that was created for us to have life in. There’s only so many times you can run a red light without getting a ticket. And how many thoughts a day do we have? I don’t know how people can say 1,000 blah, blah, blah.

And so when you break it down to that most basic element, human beings, we are violating the laws of nature almost every second of every day. How could it not then, because of the way our brain and our neurological system then gives information to the rest of our body, create challenges for us in our life, in our physical life, in our life around us and our life with our relationships? How could it not? 

My dad is a mystic. He doesn’t know it, but he is a mystic. He’s like, “Courtney, human beings are not closed systems,” because he’s in the computers. He’s like, “What you put in goes out.” And from that, what I learned is like a couple of things that are basic principles of healing. What you put in goes out. So if you’re telling yourself negative things the majority of the time, you’re going to get negativity out, which can be a hard problem. It can be a joint issue. It could be a whatever. It could be a fight at home because you misinterpret something and you’re defensive. Then you create chaos in your house. It could be anything. It could be a fight at work. It could be whatever. It could be underperforming. It can be acting out of reacting. 

The other way is, we are designed for things to go out. So when things don’t go out, because they get stuck, they get stagnation. That’s another way that it creates problems. Especially can you imagine if you put something negative in and then it doesn’t have a way to leave? As human beings, we’re not taught on a large scale how to process, how to transmute, how to release, how to take that negative thought and turn it into something that we can use. We’re not taught that. We’re not even taught to acknowledge how we feel. We’re just talking about the world of thought, not bring it to our feeling world. And that’s kind of where I come from like. 

I’ve even talked to my parents about this. I was like y’all didn’t teach me what to do with my emotions. I had a real conversation with my parents a couple of Christmases ago. And it took this long because it took this long in my life to realize myself that I didn’t know what to do with my emotions. When I first learned that I have heavy Mars influence through the divine spiritual wisdom. The first thing I said was like a lot of energy. But you’re going to be prone to anger. I’m like, anger? I don’t get angry. What are you talking about? This is like a crock. Then we came back a week later, and in that week, I was observing myself because I’m like I don’t get angry. Then I was like seeing myself get irritated here or frustrated. I was like, Wait, is this what you call anger? I literally was so divorced from those negative feelings, what I would call negative feelings. I didn’t even recognize it to be able to know what it was. You can’t see those emotions and feelings and nobody knows what to do with them.

The Magic of Harmonyum

I’ve seen like when I get a lot of Harmonyum, I start to have recognition of what’s happening in my emotions. It’s the only thing that has shown me that. That plus Naam, like meditation by sound vibration. But Harmonyum, I’m able to bring my awareness to my feelings. And then that’s where it gets intense, because then you’re like, whoo, I don’t know what to do with all of this. I don’t know where this came from. I don’t know what to do with this. Then that’s where the supportive techniques come around Harmonyum. That’s also where Harmonyum in and of itself because Harmonyum gives you that light of awareness. So you can see things that you couldn’t see before about yourself or situations. In that light of awareness, there’s that aha. And in that aha, then you’re free. So every time you get Harmonyum, I can feel I am more and more free. I am more and more of a free person literally like that old book Free to be Me.

It’s so simple. I’m glad you brought up the aspect of the nervous system because a lot of people are talking about that in health industries these days. There’s a lot of attention in the last couple of years on the parasympathetic nervous system. Then from there, you go to the vagus nerve, because the vagus nerve is a large part of the parasympathetic nervous system. When you receive Harmonyum, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. You don’t even have to do anything. You just have to receive it. Your body downshifts automatically from the fight or flight state into the relaxation response. You move into such a deep relaxation response that you create the condition then for your body to heal itself, that self-healing mechanism, which has been activated by that light, that energy that we’re talking about. So they work hand in hand. It’s incredible. You become less reactive. You take things less personally. You’re able to be in your center. You’re not defensive and you get to have a direct experience with life that’s free of these filters. It’s a whole new world. It’s a wonderful world.


Distance Healing

I had no idea on the distance healing mechanism. I was like let’s just do this and get this done. I was giving and receiving Harmonyum like six out of seven days of the week for like three or four weeks, then I hit a wall because that is when it all really started to catch up with me. I’m like oh my god and I totally have to take a break probably for like a couple of months because I really just did quite a lot of it and it was deeper than I could ever imagine. There’s one that I want to be specific about. They’re all incredibly deep, but the very first technique we learned. He said this one is for helping people deal with the trauma that they’re experiencing in their daily life right now because everyone on the planet is going through trauma because of the pandemic and this and that, and for the trauma that you’ve experienced and that’s in your bloodline and in your lineage and is to help you go through that trauma. I was doing a lot of that, and again like you think you’re fine and then all of a sudden, you’re like, “What!” It was that experience plus there was another one that I really liked that’s super deep, but it’s like we literally called it rebuilding your body.

This is the thing. We all have our stuff. We came here for a reason. We’re born on this planet for a reason. We all have our own debts that we have to pay. They might not be our debts. We’re talking about our family, our parents, and our parents’ parents. In some scriptures they say that the sins of the father land on the children and by seven generations. Different traditions all have that understanding. I believe because we’re in such a tumultuous time on this planet that we’ve never been in before. I believe all of us on this planet right now, we are all warriors. We are all here now because we’re like the buck stops with us. That’s what it comes down to. We’re the end. We’re the endpoint and we have to create something new individually and collectively. 

So we do have a lot of debts that are going to be paid and reconciled through us and through our healing process. When you zoom out and you look at us as a collective of humanity and the distance Harmonyum techniques do what we say they will do. I would never have spoken about my soul journey in terms of recognizing a lack of self-worth and getting to that seed of that if it hadn’t been for my experience this fall with a distance Harmonyum. I know a lot of people are talking about Oh, self-worth, self-respect, self-value. And I’m like, Yeah, yeah. I’m like I was saying the same thing. It’s another thing to know it and think that’s that person’s thing. That’s not my  thing. And then it’s another thing to be through this gentle. It’s a gentle process. It’s an enjoyable process. I love the experience of receiving Harmonyum. I feel like I’m just held in this like space of so much caring and love and tenderness. And then to come out of it, and then be like, okay, now, here’s your homework. Here’s your work that you have to do because of everything that that light shows you. But it’s the kindest way that I’ve experienced to be able to get to seeing what those debts that I need to clean up are. 

Thank God we had this experience, because then we can tell our clients like, we recommend you get it once a week or twice a week. Unless you want to go or when I’m working with people, if you want to have like that big shift, we can do it three or four times a week. And we can check in at the end of each week. And we can see where you’re at. Because some people are like, Hey, I have nothing to lose. I am like stuck in life. My life is not working for me on any level, and I need something to change. I need to change. Yeah, and then there’s that possibility. I think why I am so deeply grateful for Harmonyum really comes down to the fact of like, it’s one thing to know intellectually what we need. And it’s another thing to have a means whereby you can walk that path to get what you need. 

People know like self-realization, self-actualization, being my best self, whether you’re speaking it in like corporate language or like spiritual language. We all know that we’re a goldmine. Each one of us is a goldmine of opportunity and possibility. And we can know because you go to bed at night. Maybe you had a great day, but there’s always that feeling like I can do more. I can be more and not from the whole hustle mentality, not from the like, work hard, do hard. Not from that, but just like there’s something inside of us, but just like that there’s something inside of us that wants to be given life to, but the how. 

This is an age where we, as Dr. Levry said many times, you need to do what you love, and you need to love what you do or you will be restless until you find that. Yes, it’s your career, but also it’s like, what are you doing in your life? How are you spending your hours? What are you doing? Our conditioning and the things that we’ve internalized because sometimes also I learned in Harmonyum by my experience. I internalized experiences or words around me that note that that person never intended for me to take that way. Because of my conditioning, I heard it in a certain way. That’s popular to say what we give meaning to, like humans are meaning-making machines, I gave meaning to it in a way that was hurtful to me. And that wasn’t even intended sometimes. We deserve to live life free of those filters that make our life unhappy. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to be fulfilled. We deserve to be satisfied in life. We deserve that. Every single person deserves that on this planet.

Harmonyum will be a catalyst for the change in your life so that you can move towards something that’s more fulfilling. So you really do want to be ready for that change. You want to be ready to move from feeling like everything’s happening to you to being somebody who can say, you know what? I can impact my life. That’s where it comes down to that self-worth thing. Because when you are absent of that self-worth, it really feels like you don’t have a say in your life. It really does feel like I have to do this because of this. And that is a real experience. And that’s way we can get stopped from making a change and moving into that place of “Hey, I actually can do what I want that makes me happy, that’s going to create a life that I love.” Because we believe that other realities, so long, because we lived, that was our life for so long. But it’s time to change that. We have to change that.


Upcoming Harmonyum Trainings

We have our year all lined up. The first thing that we’re offering is something called the Harmonyum Touch, and it’s specifically Harmonyum Touch through the feet. It is a physical treatment with the Harmonyum energetic component. First of all what do you learn in Harmonyum is you can heal the body and create a complete healing change through the axis point of the spine, through the head, through your hands, and through your feet. Up until a couple of years ago, all of the Harmonyum that we were offering was aimed at working through the spine and the head, but the Harmonyum Touch is the first technique that we’re offering that is outside of that. So we’re going to the feet. One of the reasons why I’m super pleased that we’re able to share this it’s because it’s such an easy way for people to experience Harmonyum. People understand foot massage. My dad, he doesn’t like massage but he’s like I’ll take a foot massage any day. So we have this Harmonyum Touch through the feet, and it’s a system where you can literally heal the person. You’re not just working on the physical body. You’re working on their energetic body. You’re working at a subtle level as well as the physical level so even for people who were understandably skeptical in the beginning like we were talking about. They might be skeptical of energy work. You can say no problem. Let me give you Harmonyum Touch. All you have to do is lay down. I’m gonna massage your feet. It’s gonna be amazing. We’ve had incredible results with Harmonyum Touch, incredible healing results. That’s going to be the first thing that we’re offering this year. There’s different places in the world that are starting to open up now. In some places people are able to start doing that one-on-one kind of healing sessions. So we want to be able to get this out there while we have those opportunities. In addition we will be offering the distance Harmonyum later this year because then you also see around the world as some places are opening, other countries are starting to close again.

Want to be prepared because we need healing now. Healing is going to be an increasing theme for people on this planet because there’s so much to be healed from the planet earth to us as humans to the systems that create the structure of life. I can’t think of a better time for people who feel called to offering healing services to do this, to get trained now.

You don’t need to have any background at all in healing. We’ve made it as short as possible for people so that they can go through it, get certified in as quickly as 15 weeks. It’s an online program. You don’t have to travel. It is supported with some live sessions, and it is supported with some mentor one-on-one type time. The first group will begin May 24. It’s a Monday, that’s when we’ll start. We’ll release those videos, release that program. We can have a live session to start. Then there’ll be six weeks where you study, you learn, you practice. Then you’ll have like what we call a qualifying practicum, where you’ll have time with a mentor and they can observe you do the technique. They can make sure you’re doing it properly. Then we’ll go with a go. Go, give 30 sessions.

That’s one of the great things that happened out of this last year. Because I’ve always been like Harmonyum, it’s an in person training. You need to be there. You need to have somebody watching. You need to have somebody, all of that. And this past year required us to get more creative to see how can we provide something online that will give people that feeling of support, help people feel confident that they know what they’re doing. And how do we create that online? It’s really exciting that we have found a way.

We’re going to offer the Harmonyum One this year, which is our Quinta essential Harmonyum technique, addressing the trauma, the past, whether it’s your personal past or again, from your lineage past. We’re also offering the Harmonyum at a distance. We’re gonna have a new course coming out too with Dr. Levry, which we will stay tuned for more information about.


A Tip for You – Breathe

I always direct people to the breath. Because if somebody wants to come to any kind of emotional state, anxiety, angry, frustrated, panic, any kind of those things that drive us to seek healing, because we know those are signs that something’s off. You can always take a few minutes and you can start to bring peace to yourself in the moment with your breath. Harmonyum will get you to the root cause, which is important when you’re talking about your life and your life experience, but breath can help you in the moment. There’s something we’ll call three-part breath and it takes care of your glandular system and the hormones that it’s secreting. It rebalances the nervous system so that you move out of the fight or flight, and it helps change the chemistry of your blood so that you know you have that tranquil feeling. Your hormones are not driving you to have these sorts of agitating emotions.

It takes as little as three minutes and it is my go-to and it has always been my go-to ever since I first learned it. It’s my favorite thing to share with people in the moment and in basically you all may have even heard about this and you may even practice it and this might just be a reminder to you to do it because there’s a difference between knowing it and doing it. So you inhale, you hold the breath, you exhale. It’s that simple. And then the thing where you want to do is count so you have the same amount of time for each of the three segments. 

If I’m really worked up I might not be able to use be able to do my normal 20 second, 20 second, 20 second. If I’m worked up and agitated, I might need to count for 10 or count for 5. Or if I’m in the middle of like a panic attack. Thank God that doesn’t happen hardly at all, but it still happens sometimes. So I have to do it for like a count of three and then three and then three. And then I can extend it to inhale for five, hold for five, exhale for five. That’s another reason why I love it because it can help you at wherever you’re at on that scale of 1 to 10 right. It can help you and then you’ll slow it down and you’ll slow it down, you’ll slow it down and in three minutes, you’re different. You have a different experience.

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