Fall / Winter 2021 | A conversation with Karoline Thomas


Karoline shares how her experience with liver detoxing not only changed her gut health for the better, but completely changed her lifestyle and behavior along with her physical and mental state. 

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A conversation with Karoline Thomas

Today’s Exclusive Guest.

Who is Karoline Thomas?

Karoline Thomas is a holistic health coach and former skin and body care therapist. From an early age, she was a staunch believer in animal rights and sought out natural alternatives to hair, skin, and beauty products. In her twenties, when she got the travel bug and spent three years backpacking continents, she was further exposed to how our lives impacted others. Karoline became an editor and travel writer and moved to Australia where she now resides with her husband and two children. She understands our body’s innate ability to heal itself, given the right building blocks and as a mother, she focuses on the environment she is creating for her children by following a low-tox philosophy whenever possible. She continues in her studies of holistic health to promote better health choices to her children and to others to enable them to access the tools, to empower them to live their own healthier, happier lives.

My journey becoming a holistic health coach

I was working as a travel editor. I was pregnant when I moved to Australia, so that was a huge move. I absolutely love this country. We had traveled through. Then I was presented with an opportunity to join a health business. I took that opportunity. I wasn’t sure where it was going to take me, but certainly the whole philosophy and the ethos about it was totally aligned with my values. So I started looking into that further and I became a health coach. I’d had my own health challenges certainly as a mum. I had weight that I wasn’t able to shift. I wasn’t feeling a hundred percent about myself and there were things in my life that I definitely needed to address.
I thought I was doing the right things. I was exercising four times a week. I thought I was eating the right things, but I was snacking. I had those kinds of cravings and things like that, that I couldn’t quite stop. I knew that there was a habit that was a vicious circle and nothing was changing. I’d heard through friends and through colleagues about doing a liver detox. I’d tried liver detoxes in the past or started and failed because they were just a little bit too hard for me to do. Basically, eating the right foods that are good for your liver. It was just too hard for me to continue with that, so this one that I heard about. I saw that they were getting really great results and the benefits that they were achieving were the health issues that I’d wanted to address in myself.
It was twofold that I went down this journey into finding out more about liver detoxing. As a health coach, I thought my clients were coming to me with those same issues and I thought, if it works, then it’s something that I can certainly present to my clients and help them and hopefully they will feel the benefits too.
I felt that I had tried many other avenues and they hadn’t worked. I just thought, well, what have I got to lose? That’s the space that I’ve definitely found myself in. It was at a point where I wasn’t going anywhere else. I thought, well, 30 days out of my life. I can do this. I really made myself accountable when I went into this and tried it and I’ve never looked back ever since doing that the first time.
For six years, I was measuring my weight, watching what I was eating, exercising and nothing was changing. So when you look at it in that short amount of time when you really do focus on yourself and you focus on that discipline for those 30 days, the changes that it brings about are just amazing. The benefits of that are numerous; physically, mentally as well, that you really come out of that afterwards having made some significant changes in your life.

Why detox your liver?

We’ll say our liver, that’s what it does, it detoxes, why should we detox something that already detoxes? The other argument is that we live in a modern world and that comes at a price and if you think about all the stress factors that are around us now, our diet has changed the environment that we live in, the lifestyle that we live. I would argue that certainly with the obesity that’s growing in adults in the US, Australia and UK- huge numbers, and it’s on the rise, our bodies weren’t made to carry that much stress around with them. I think to be able to do this, pause from that life and your liver allows to have a holiday and just to take away those stresses and just do that for yourself is so beneficial and as long as you’re doing it in the best way and what you’re doing and the products you’re taking and how you’re doing it are as natural as possible, then your field changes on that and you’ll benefit in so many different ways- it’s amazing.
In terms of coming through on the other side, your skin will be improved your energy, you’ll sleep much better; these are all the things that I felt so I can be able to express that to everybody, because I can attest to that; yes, there was weight loss, but it’s not always about the weight loss. I always see it as a side effect of that so don’t go into it necessarily thinking you’re going to lose loads of weight, but it’s just everything else that goes with it. For me personally, the fact that I was able to discipline myself for those 30 days, I was able to break those food associations- I had those food cravings and at the end of that, I came away feeling so accomplished by what I’d done and I just felt amazing. The other thing as well, which not many people talk about, and this kind of keeps you coming back from my, certainly for me is how it makes you feel inside, for me personally, it just creates that amazing feeling; your serotonin is buzzing, your feel-good, happy hormone is just flowing and your relationships change, the way you interact with people, you just feel happier. 80 to 90% of your serotonin is made in your gut, so when you balance that, you really do find that it makes everything much better in your life at a time and that’s what people enjoy and love and that’s how you know that you’re doing something good when you’ve got those feelings.
It is life-changing and that’s truly how I felt. I felt that this is the thing that I’ve been wanting to do, needing to do, my body has been asking me to do and once I did it and the results that I felt, I just thought, I need to tell people about this and this is something that people need to experience for themselves. Yes, there’s discipline involved, yes, you need to follow a certain program and do things, but you’ll come out of it and even through it you feel amazing. I wasn’t expecting the mood enhancement the first time I did it and how great it felt. I often wonder that maybe if people looked inward more and looked at their gut health, looked at creating the right environment within their bodies for their happy hormones to flourish, then maybe there wouldn’t be so much of a reliance on reaching out for some form of antidepressant or something like that. I’m not saying it’s for everyone, I’m not saying that you should swap this for something else, but certainly try it, it’s 30 days, you never know. Experience that for yourself and really start working on your gut microbiome and really re-balance yourself inward and I think it really brings about an amazing feeling within your body.

The 30-day Liberty Program

Why is it 30 days? The program that I follow is; the first 20 hours of that program, you are purging your liver, so you’re doing very naturally you’re restricting the food and water and the first few hours of the days and then in the evening you’re purging, you’re cleaning, so that’s going to be flushing out your liver. Then the next day, you’re still flushing out but that does about 10% of the toxins and for the next 28 days, through the use of a very natural products, probiotics, enzymes, you’re flushing out the rest of your system, you’re expelling the rest of those toxins so that your liver isn’t reabsorbing those back into the system.

So, you take those 30 days to really flush, to get rid of those toxins in your body and also, you need those 30 days because you’re breaking food habits, you’re breaking a lot of association, so you need that time to really reset and that’s where you get your focus for those days. It’s a really simple thing to do- you follow a plan; I love a plan, I love to be told exactly what I’m doing every day, how I’m doing it, so that’s fantastic. You do calorie-controlled meals; there’s food, you can eat, can’t eat. If it comes from the earth, then pretty much you can eat it. There are obviously some restrictions to do with certain sugars and some fruits that have more sugar, avoid grains, avoid gluten, there’s meal replacement shakes there as well that you would have.

It’s very accommodating as well, so if you don’t want to do it to lose weight, then that’s absolutely fine. If you just want to have calorie-controlled meals, then you can do that too. I work with people who want to do it for so many different reasons and we just work together in that way. So, by the end of the 30 days, you come away, you feel accomplished and it’s not saying that we’re going to stop eating and drinking the way that we do. In modern society, this is how we live our lives, but it allows us to rethink those associations, rethink when we go to reach for something, do we really want that? and our bodies might reject it as well once we’ve done that, you might find that your taste buds changed and you don’t actually particularly like that, or you don’t need three copies every day. So, it really does give you a mind shift by the end of that.

I did a video diary on that, the last time I did the detox. I like to do it at least once a year, some people can do it twice a year, depending on your health reasons. But the last time I did it, I did a video diary just to show people how simple and that you can, then you do survive. I was exercising like I usually do, I was functioning, I was working, I was able to do the normal things. When you look at the program; and yes, there are a couple of days of fasting and people look at that and they may think they’ll never get through that, but you do it and you get through those days and it’s not a problem. It’s your body, your body is just amazing and your mind tells you that you can’t do things, but your body tells you, I got this, this is absolutely fine. You’ll be amazed at what you can do. Those 30 days, they go through and you feel fantastic afterwards.

It’s just worth trying, seeing it, thinking, “I’ll put it in my diary”, and just experiencing it for yourself at the end of the day. It is powerful and I think that’s why people come back to it more and more, because they love the feeling that it gives them and the results that they have at the end of it. The results speak for themselves at the end of the day. It’s one of those things you need to try and look whichever way that you decide to go down, whichever detox you do, I definitely think those benefits are there I felt them, I know what those benefits are, I know how it makes you feel- that sleep, the energy, the skin, the focus, the alertness, everything that it really does ground you, brings you back and just makes you feel on top of the world.

An affordable 30 day program

This is available, it’s something depending on where you are, so obviously we’ll change, but certainly, if you’re having the shake, there’s a detox tea as well that you can have, which is fantastic. I work with nutrients, so 90 for life, so I would certainly encourage people to look at making sure that they’re getting the right nutrients inside their body as well at the same time, that gives you the edge and allows you to really fix your body and help achieve those goals. I’d say to people, you’re paying for a gym membership, how long have you had that gym membership? The food, you might not be eating as much food at that time, you’ve got what you’re going to be eating for those 30 days, so there’s ways of kind of balancing it out and certainly in that sort of term. I find it’s what it gives you for that time for you, paying out for that initial kit and everything that you need at the end of it, it really sets you off for the rest of the year and gives you so many more benefits, so it’s definitely worth looking into.
To take a pause and focus on yourself at that time is just immense, you’re worth it, you need to do that and it’s for all ages- it’s for people to try and experience. Don’t be put off by thinking, I can’t do shakes, I can’t do fasting, I can’t do discipline, don’t let that stop you because you will feel fantastic when you come out of it and you’ll be so pleased that you tried that.

My personal experience

It changed my life in such a huge way- obviously that’s why I’m passionate about it, I just felt that this is what I need to do, I need to do this once a year, I can do it more than that if I want to, but it really does reset, it reboots my system and for me those benefits, they stay with me. People may say, as soon as you come off it, it all goes back on, but as I say, because you’ve taken those 30 days, you really do some mind shift, it changes so many different things and your focus becomes so much more intense and you really do focus on yourself. It changes your mindset in such a huge way that it’s something that I think you’ll find it’s life-changing for yourself, if you try it.
Free health assessment for clients
We evaluate your health, as a free health evaluation, I’ll give you a consultation and we can go through what your goals are and discuss what you’re trying to achieve and then we’ll work together through there. It’s really simple, I’m not a hard task master and if you wanted to try the detox then absolutely, I’m there, I can help you with that, certainly.
At the end of the day, you need to have that accountability partner, I think because I’ve been there, I’ve experienced it, I know how you’re feeling and I’m there to kind of tell you not to give up basically, I’m there to sort of say, “Keep going, it’s worth it, yes. you can do this.” I’m there to be lent on and I’m there to help, so just to coach you along the way, you’re doing the work, but at the end of the day, when you’ve got someone to help you and be accountable to, it stops you from, from walking away from it which there can be times when people might want to do that, but stick with it, I’m there, I’ll help you.


It’s something that I’ve experienced and something that I want other people to experience and if you’re feeling nothing is working, nothing is shifting, you suspect that maybe that you need to rebalance, get your gut working properly, then certainly look at detoxing, liver detoxing. I think you’ll find that those benefits that you feel afterwards will be so worth it.

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