Fall / Winter 2021 | A conversation with Jessica


Jessica drops in today for a quickie, solo episode to check in on the community. Knowing that many of us are not the same people, or have the same needs, as we did when the show first launched back in April, Jessica wants to know how she can best support your healing journey moving forward, through her podcast.

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A conversation with Jessica

Bonus Episode with Jessica



I wanted to jump on and do a mini quickie solo episode. It’s been a while since I’ve done one. And quite honestly, what I wanted to do more than anything else was to check in with you as the community and the audience that has been listening and following and supporting this show, Stop searching Start healing, since its conception in April of this year. 

So there’s been a good number of episodes. I am so incredibly grateful to all of the fantastic guests who have given their time, knowledge, and their experiences to share with you, with us with the community at large, which is hopefully bringing different tips and techniques, and tools to allow us to be able to pull from all of their experiences, from their conversations from their, their gifts and talents to be able to utilize that with your healing journeys. 

I wanted to use today’s episode as a way to ask you, as the community as the audience, what you want, what is it that you would like to hear more? To see more of, to experience more of from a conversation from a guest perspective, because we have had some amazing conversations. And we’ve had a real cross-section of guests and topics. We’ve had the spiritual aspect, we have had the medical aspect, we have had the heart-centered element, we have had the business and the entrepreneur aspect, we’ve had the addiction aspect, we’ve touched on many different topics, and conversations, and experiences, which have all in their own right been some form of healing, to see where we are at concerning what you feel you need as an audience. 

I’ve been blown away by the comments that I’ve received by the direct messages and the emails that you guys have sent to me, just to let me know what you’re thinking so far, what you’re feeling and how it’s helped and impacted your life in your healing journey. It’s been gratifying and incredibly humbling to receive those messages. So I am asking you to give me more information. What do you want? What can I serve you concerning healing and your journey? With the guests that we bring in? Is there a particular topic, conversation, person, group network? Story? What do you want? What will help you? What can I bring to you, as an audience, as a community, concerning your healing? So let me know. Please write a comment in the message below, send me an email, send me a DM, send me a text message, whatever you feel will help you. 

I’m guessing that where you were back in April when this show first launched is absolutely not where you are today. And what you needed then, or perhaps what you felt called to listen to, what drew you to the show initially, maybe something completely different. And it may be that you’ve experienced so many other things in the last eight months of this show’s existence that perhaps there is something now that you need more. You’re more aware now of what you might be needing more, having listened to some of the guests and conversations, perhaps you want me to share more of what I’m doing because again, you know, we’re all struggling, we’re all moving through things. And it’s been a process and a learning curve for me too on this journey of putting the show out there. So let’s communicate. Let’s find out what you need, what you want, and how I can bring that to you and serve you as you move forward on this journey of healing. 

Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for your support, sharing this with whoever you feel needs to hear it, and telling me what it is you need so that I can bring that to you.


Until next time.

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