Fall / Winter 2021 | A conversation with Elle Hari


Elle shares her personal twin flame journey and how it led her to become a spiritual expert, helping others who are on the same journey and how to navigate the same experience.

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A conversation with Elle Hari

Today’s Exclusive Guest.

Who is Elle?

Elle Hari is a number one international best-selling author and twin flame and Ascension Alchemist teacher and coach after experiencing her own twin flame journey, Elle left her career as a lawyer to help others navigate their own path towards ascension. Elle has discovered and created revolutionary methods that help her students unconditionally love themselves and manifest their greatest dreams. Elle is the founder and CEO of Elle Hari Universal LLC and creator of the Be with Your Twin Flame, including the a hundred percent successful Magnetize, Your Twin Flame coaching program, and mastery of essential alchemy brands.

My transition from corporate lawyer to spiritualist

You don’t choose to go on a twin flame journey. The twin flame journey finds you. It happens when your soul is ready. I experienced my own twin flame journey. It just happened. It came out of nowhere suddenly, which is how it does, and it really threw me for a loop. It feels like the rug is pulled out from underneath you when you go on this journey. Usually, the catalyst is some kind of physical relationship with you think just some other person that you have this really intense connection with, but then, it’s an energetic thing that happens and all of a sudden it, they appear, they seem to like just ghost you or block you or leave you. This is right after you feel like you’ve had this amazing connection and they say they felt it too.
So, it just, all of a sudden there’s someone in there and then they’re gone and you don’t know why, you don’t know how. It’s usually without any explanation and it just really feels like your whole world is turned upside down from that way. But then also what happens is that you tend to become obsessed, fixated on this person and why they left. You can’t seem to get over them or move on. Like with other relationships, you pretty much can. So you became fixated on them and there’s a lot of obsessive thoughts and you just can’t stop thinking about them.
I’m not usually like that in other relationships. I’ve never been like that before. The scary part was I didn’t even recognize who I was anymore. Before my twin flame journey; just to preface it with this, I had just gotten out of a marriage from which I had two young kids at the time. It was a very contentious two-year divorce. I had initiated it and I was finally feeling the freedom from that, so to speak and suddenly, I met my twin flame and I was obsessed. When I was physically with my twin flame at first, that connection was very quick and intense. We were only together for six weeks. And all of a sudden, he left and I don’t know why I just couldn’t get over him. I got over many people, including my marriage, no problem, and then with him, I was just fixated. I didn’t recognize myself anymore and that obsession really threw me for a loop.

Plus the pain, there was a lot of pain I experienced pain in my sacral chakra. That’s called core wound pain. That’s very common to experience pain either in your heart, solar plexus or sacral chakra when you’re experiencing that twins flame journey. It felt like someone had reached inside me there and literally disemboweled me from there, pulled my soul out of there. It felt like a gaping hole. It was awful. Because of that and the obsessive thoughts, I couldn’t function. I was on the floor in a puddle basically for like six months. I tried to get help from 13 different spiritual advisors, psychics, a therapist, Voodoo Mambo you name it. Finally, the 13th one, I was calling into a call-in soft psychic line, and this was six months into my throes of despair and she mentioned twin flames.

Now this was eight years ago, so twin flames weren’t nearly anywhere near as mainstream as it is now, even in spiritual circles. So no one else had mentioned it to me before. None of the psychics, none of the spiritual advisors, anything and that was the first time I’d heard of it and it made me wonder, what’s twin flames? I Googled it and what came up was this lady in Australia who could coach people and help them through that. Right away, that night I, I sent payment to her through PayPal. I got on a call with her right away and she ended up being my teacher. She saved my life. Within two weeks I was feeling like a normal functioning, human being again, I was off the floor, I could be a mom to my two kids, and I was no longer obsessing and feeling the core wound pain or anything like that anymore. Then within three months I had magnetized my twin flame back into my physical life and it was great.
I was feeling amazing, better than I’ve ever felt. Other things, other areas of my life were shifting and just improving in all areas. Then, even though I was kind of good there, something just innately propelled me to still work with her. I worked with her every single day for two years and just to learn more about the spiritual ascension process, cause that’s really what the twin flame journey is. It’s an introduction to that or a step along your ascension path. So, I worked with her every day learning about that and then she suddenly passed on. When that happened, I realized anyone else could experience the twin flame journey was really you know, going to miss out. She saved my life and I knew there had to be other people out there experiencing the same thing. So, at that point, I waited a year because her, her website was still up for a whole year until after she passed and then it came down. So, her teachings were no longer available. But at that point I decided to write a book and I wrote my first book, Twin Flames Exposed, and I self-published it onto Amazon. From that people just found me and asked me to help them, to coach them, to teach them and that’s what happened. They say, you don’t find your purpose, your purpose finds you and that’s exactly what happened. I just knew like these people needed me more than any of my legal clients ever.

Twin flame or Soulmate?

The twin flame is your soul incarnated into two separate physical bodies and it’s really the divine truth of how we’re all created. So, our souls are normally in 5D, that’s the energetic paradigm level that we all come from. In order to assimilate here in 3D, in all of our incarnations through our physical lifetimes, our soul’s energy has to assimilate to the energetic paradigm of the third dimension and that energetic paradigm of the third dimension is one of duality and opposites. We have up and down, hot and cold, in and out, good and bad, light and dark. Everything has an opposite here, which is fine and perfect.

That’s why the incarnate here actually is to learn about things because how do you learn about something without knowing what it’s not. You don’t know if something’s up, if you don’t have it to compare anything to that’s down. So that’s why actually the incarnate here is to learn about things. Our soul has to make two opposites of itself and in energetic terms, opposites are a polarity. So, it puts one of those polarities into your physical body and one into the physical body of your twin flame. Everyone has crossed paths with their twin flame and every single lifetime but there’s going to come a point in time when your soul just recognizes itself energetically. Subconsciously, it’s not a recognition that you consciously know or feel. There’re myths out there that that’s what it is, but that’s not what it is.

It happens subconsciously on the level of the soul and what that does is it activates the polarized energies within both twin flames. So, at first it causes those energies to be drawn together like magnets, and that builds up and it feels intense. That’s why the connection between twin flames feels so intense. It’s this buildup like a crescendo, but all of a sudden it reaches what I call a tipping point. Where then all of a sudden, those energies, the polarities kick in, and then they repel and then manifest as a push-pull. So, on one twin flame becomes the push energy where that would be me. That would be the ones that generally go looking for the help that are left there feeling despondent and shattered, totally confused, obsessed about the twin flame, those are those people. The other twin flame is the pull twin flame. So, the energy is pulling them away from the push twin flame. So, the more the twin flame pushes and focuses and tries to reach out to the twin flame or stalk them on social media or real life; which is very common because of these obsessive thoughts that we have on them, this fixation on them. That’s the energy controlling the mind, so that’s very common that that is what happens. But the more you do that, that’s the energy pushing out towards the other twin flame who is then pulling away in tandem. It’s very energetic, it’s all working on the energetic soul level. This is, this is a journey of the soul, so twin flame is your soul.

Now a soulmate is a mate of your soul. So, it doesn’t share your soul. It’s another soul, another being. A soul is an energetic field, basically, so it’s another energetic field that resonates with your energetic field. Anything that’s energy or soul can do that and it can be in all different degrees. We tend to think of a soulmate as a romantic connotation and yes, there can be romantic soulmates, but also family members are soulmates, friends are soulmates, pets and animals can be soulmates. Anything with a soul that is in your physical world, resonates with your soul to some degree. Even that stranger standing in front of you in line in Starbucks, somehow for them to be, even in your physical frame of reference, they resonate with your soul in some teeny tiny way in that moment. So that’s the difference. The twin flame is your soul.

Should you look for your twin flame?

You should not be doing anything. There’s nothing to do, and it’s not just because of it’s so painful. The pain is actually a good thing. It is actually a blessing. It’s a wakeup call. It’s an awakening to who you truly are. It’s your soul saying, get to know me, get to love me because that’s what the twin flame journey is all about. But no, you shouldn’t be looking for it because most people have crossed paths with their twin flame in every lifetime. There are billions of people out there who’re probably married to their twin flames and they just don’t realize it or know it just because they’re not experiencing the twin flame journey yet because you have yet to have soul recognition.
People could be with their twin flames, but they haven’t had yet the soul recognition to cause them to start this journey of where the energies became activated. It’s not a conscious decision, it’s just when your soul is ready. People talk about the signs of the twin flame journey and they talk about all of it leading up to; you feel this instant connection, or you feel like you know each other better than anyone, or you’ve never had such great sex, all this other stuff. But you can have those same things with a very closely resonant soulmate. You have those same physical feelings. That doesn’t determine if someone’s your twin flame or not. The only way to know if it is your twin flame is once you have soul recognition and, you know, you go through the painful part of the separation.

Ghosting versus the Twin Flame

Well, the difference is, usually with the intensity of if you were ever able to move on from that with your mind, with your heart, you don’t still think about them with this intensity. It’s a knowing almost, that something’s different here. There are heartbreaks where it’s very challenging for people to move on. I get that, but I think a lot of them, after a fair amount of time, I think it’s fair to say, if, at least if you’re still not able to get over someone in the length of time that you were together, at least, or even double that say, you might want to think of that, that might be something else going on, like the twin flame journey.

Healing the pain and moving forward

It’s not about healing it’s about it’s about alchemizing your fear-based energy. There’s nothing to heal. Just because you’re not broken, you’re not sick. You’re perfect, and that’s what this journey is meant to show you. I talked about the polarity of the energies, all polarity, all duality, all opposites, that illusion of things being not the same and separate is fear. That is fear-based energy. The whole third dimension paradigm is a fear-based energetic paradigm. Our souls are love. Our souls know no bounds, no limits, no resistance, they’re eternal, they’re the most powerful energy and total abundance, that’s all love. Love doesn’t see anything as separate from itself, love is all encompassing.

The reason why you see then that your twin flame seems to have left you or not be with you anymore, that’s looking at it from the third-dimension perspective. We’re just looking at it like what we see or experience our physical senses. Whereas that’s very limiting because our soul is of the 5D. So, what the twin flame actually is, the twin flame is you and why this journey even happens is the twin flame shows you yourself. Many people speak of a twin flame mirror and I call it a reverse mirror. It’s kind of deceiving in a way because people think, my twin flame is mirroring back to me, I should be watching what my twin flame is doing and think that, that’s somehow reflective of me. But it’s not that, it’s not what your twin flame is doing, saying, thinking or feeling physically. It’s that your twin flame, whenever they come in, they cause your energy within you to have a reaction and that’s your fear-based energy. That’s the part of you they’re showing to you is that reaction that you have to them coming in. So, whenever they come in to your physical frame of reference you have a reaction and it’s that reaction that they are showing you within yourself. That’s the part of yourself that they show to you and reflect to you. So when you see that reaction that you have that’s fear-based energy. It really takes understanding, identifying it, and it comes in in all sorts of sneaky ways.

The further along you go through the process of advancing along this journey and seeing that energy, we call it, balancing it out. It’s really, alchemizing it, it’s transmitting it. When you do that, it transmutes into love energy. Then eventually, the fear-based dissipates until it’s no longer there. Then your soul can bring its two physical bodies, yours and your twin flame’s together and maintain that. In that space it’s complete and total fearlessness, and that is total love. That is what love is. Twin flames at that point are really the only true unconditional, loving, physical relating experience we’re able to have at this point where the level of human consciousness is.

But it’s all about loving yourself and getting to know yourself because every time they come in and they show you that reaction of yourself and that’s your denied shadow part of yourself, right. That’s the part you’re supposed to see and then accept it without judgment and that eventually allows you to transmute it into love.

For the most part, that’s generally how it goes. I know everyone’s journey physically is unique and individual, so we’ve had some people, they come and go and then for a while, obviously they stay. But then there’s people whose twin flame goes and then comes back and then they stay. They’re just able to quickly see all the parts of themselves. There’s almost like a container that every time they come in, you’re going to have a fear-based reaction at first until you don’t anymore. But you’re going to have some level of one and then as you move on they get more and more subtle and more and more sneaky.

So your fear based energy controls your mind, so it’s very sneaky and it’s energy. So it’s natural inclination is to feed and to grow. So it wants you to keep feeding it and not alchemize or translate it into love. It wants to be it’s fear and grow bigger. Right. Which we’re doing and we’re conscious of the fact that we’re doing it anyway. So when that keeps showing up, it’s up to you to see it. Then as you move along and progress along, seeing it more and more it shrinks. Then as it shrinks it becomes less obviously prevalent, it becomes way more subtle and sneakier. So it gets more and more challenging actually, the further along you go on your journey to identify it and see it. Even though you can’t consciously see it or identify it anymore, your twin flame, the pull still feels that push.

The Push-pull experience

The operative word is “don’t ever”. So, words like ever, never, always, we don’t use those because you don’t know about ever because the whole soul is eternal, so there is no ever or never, it’s just, the soul is just always is. So, if you look at it, like never, we don’t know never because first of all, we don’t even know never for this lifetime. They might not be here right now, but in the next moment they could be. The lifetime of the soul even is like a blink of an eye. So you are with your twin flame, eternally, and forever as one energetic being. You’re never not with them and that’s the whole looking at it as the illusion of the separation that I was speaking about before from the 3D perspective.

What my work looks like

We have different ways that people can work with us. We have our signature Magnetize Your Twin Flame coaching program, which would be the entry level program if they want coaching and guidance by one of our coaches and by me. There are the online modules. There’s one-on-one coaching with their own personal coach and then weekly group coaching calls that I’m currently doing and a Facebook group. I also offer one-on-one private coaching for people who want more privacy and want to get really deeper and do it faster. So, I take one of those new students every month, and we also have a do-it-yourself system, which is downloads and stuff. Really the foundation for everything is it’s all about changing your perspective, like I said and not approaching it from our usual place of approaching everything and the only thing we know, which is from the 3D perspective.
This is part of the Ascension process. Ascension means to rise up and the rising up is you’re rising up out of the fear-based energetic paradigm of the third dimension. That’s how you must approach the twin flame journey. It’s from the level of the soul, the soul perspective, not from the physical 3D perspective. Of course, no-one’s really used to that because that’s how we live and that’s how we’ve always lived and that’s how we survive. But that’s why this journey is such a wake-up call to people because it’s the only way to get through this journey. So, that’s what we’re teaching people how to do is to really shift their perspective and by shift, I mean, not in their mind, this is not a journey of the mind. They energetically shift into that resonance of being on the level of their soul closer and closer. It’s a process, but in, so doing, you get to know yourself and to know yourself is to love yourself. And that’s why this journey is the ultimate journey of self-love because yes, the twin flame is yourself, but also, in order to advance along this journey, they’re showing you the parts of yourself that you need to see. You can’t love yourself without knowing and understanding yourself.

The true meaning of love

I like to say that it’s actually not a verb. People use love as; I love him. I love her. I love this. But really, love is an energetic state of being, it’s our natural state of being. Our soul is love. Our souls are just energy and it’s the strongest energy in the entire universe next to source energy. Love truly does conquer all. If you look at it from that perspective. It’s so needed because every conflict, every argument, every stress and anxiety, it’s all a result of this fear-based energy. Thinking that you’re somehow separated from that, which you believe that you desire, but you’re really not. Everything you desire is your soul, because that energetic vibration of love, that is your soul is comprised of many different frequencies and vibrations. Those include; peace, happiness, abundance, purpose, your passions, they’re all in there. That’s what everyone really truly desires. We might put different pictures or labels of it, what we desire. We think; this certain house is going to make me happy, or this person’s going to make me happy and feel whole and complete. Or, if I have more money, I’m going to feel more abundance. But we learn time and time again that that’s not how it works. As within, so without. You need to shift into it within yourself, and it’s all right there, because that’s who you are. That’s who we all are, is our souls.
It’s a never-ending journey as well. Not just the twin flame part, but the whole loving, alchemizing, your fear because it’s not just regarding ourselves that we have it, it’s regarding other people and other things and situations.

Tips to move forward

I would say, because the fear-based energy controls the mind and the mind thinks if it consumes as much information about everything as possible, it feels more in control. Of course, it’s a false sense of control. Your soul is actually orchestrating everything in your life through resonance. But the mind likes to think that it’s in control all the time. So, everyone just absorbs as much information as possible about the twin flame journey and there’s so much conflicting information out there so much myths and misconceptions. It really does just add to the confusion and the chaos, and you’re already confused. I would suggest if you think you’re on, don’t try to just watch every single thing or go to readers or anything like that. That’s not going to help you. That just feeds the fear-based energy that you want to stop feeding in order to stop pushing out and have your twin flame pull away from you.
Then just know that there are people out there to help you. Getting out of your mind, like you had mentioned is key. We call it getting out of your mind, which is being present. It is very challenging to do when you’re in the throes of the twin flame journey I might add. But if you can find more ways to just be present and center yourself that’s really helpful as well. But I don’t mean centering yourself by sending energy out to your twin flame and meditating and focusing on your twin flame and trying to draw them back to you. That’s still pushing your energy out towards their twin flame.

Top Three signs of a Twin Flame journey

The obsessive thoughts that you just can’t stop thinking about them. It’s just obsessive and it grows. We have people come to us 20 years later, who didn’t realize obviously 20 years ago, that’s what this was and they still are thinking about this person. Obviously, we can have thoughts of people we knew, whenever, but in a very persistent type of fashion. So that would be the first one obsessive thoughts.

Secondly, would be the core wound pain. So mine was the worst my teacher had ever seen, and mine is still the worst of any of students that I’ve ever worked with; all the hundreds of thousands of people we’ve helped. Mine’s the worst that I’ve ever come across. I don’t know why, but it was. But there’s some kind of pain and by pain, I mean, it could be anything from a clenching or a fluttering all the way to that disemboweled feeling like your soul has been ripped from your body in that space. Usually it’s in either the heart, solar plexus or sacral chakra. Mine was in my sacral chakra. Probably half of our students it’s in their heart chakra. But it could be in any of those three chakras. I’ve actually also worked with some students for whom it was in their throat chakra and their third eye chakra. So, there’s no one size fits all, everyone’s a unique individual and how it’s experienced physically. But those are the most common ones. There’s the heart, solar plexus and sacral chakra. Again, it could be anything from a tightening, a fluttering to all the way to complete despairs disembowelment and anything anywhere in-between.
It is as persistent as the thoughts are because it’s very much tied to your thoughts. Like you had the persistent obsessive thoughts and then the thoughts are the fear-based energy. But then, the core wound is also where the fear-based energy is seated within your body and remember when you have these obsessive thoughts, it’s pushing out towards your twin flame. The core wound is where it pushes out through your body, so you feel it there. It was very much tied to the obsessive thoughts and stuff like that. So that would be the second one.

The third sign is doubt. Hands down, doubt that this could be your twin flame, that this could be happening to you, that why would this be happening to me like, this doesn’t make any sense. How could this person be my twin flame, if they’ve moved in with somebody else or they moved on to somebody else, or they’re not even thinking about me or anything. There’s always doubt. That doubt of course is uncertainty, which is of course fear. So, the doubt will follow you all the way until the end, even when you’re still interacting with your twin flame afterwards. We work with people and everyone who finishes our program, magnetizes their twin flames back into their physical lives, provided the twin flame is still here. Every single person, even as they’re interacting after that all the way, they bounce out basically almost all their fear-based energy regarding their twin flame and twin flame journey. There’s still that little doubt always. It stays with you to the end of it. It’s always in proportion to how much fear-based energy there still is.

It feels more manageable, but it’s still pushing out energetically, even though it’s becoming more subtle because you’ve done such a great job of alchemizing it so far so it shrinks down, but it’s still going to be there. We call the fear-based energy; the push energy, the lion energy, because it just pushes out. She called it that, that’s what we call it. So, it starts out as this roaring lion and it’s so big and you’re in it. You’re consumed. You are that lion energy pretty much. Then as you work, it dissipates, it shrinks and then it gets all the way down to eventually I referred to it as being a kitten in a coma in the corner. It’s not gone. The thing is it’s not going to be totally gone until we reach ascension. So, there’s always a possibility, it can wake up from that coma. You don’t feel it, you don’t have the pain, you don’t have the obsessive thoughts anymore. You’re doing great, but it’s still not complete.

What programs to sign up for

We offer a free 15-minute clarity consultation where one of our clarity coaches will be able to get on and determine if they are in fact on a twin flame journey.
If you resonate, you resonate and it’s not knowing in your mind, it’s not logical. It transcends all of that. It’s resonance with your soul and resonance is a remembrance. So that’s what I mean when I say resonate, because your soul already knows. Your soul knows all of this, it knows all of the truth, it knows everything that you need to get to ascension. It’s really, you’re unlearning what we know learned in our minds. We’re undoing, we’re moving through the barriers.

The experience of moving forward

It’s very different, there’s nothing I can really compare it to because again, you don’t always have fear-based energy with every single other relationship you’ve ever had with a level of human consciousnesses. That’s all we can do right now because we’re not ascended yet. It’s completely fearless. Which means that it’s very tender and sweet almost. There are no relationship rules, there are no restrictions. That’s all fear-based and all fear. It is freedom that you both have.

There’s a whole industry out there of “get-your-ex-back”, and I really feel that so many of those people are experiencing a twin flame journey, but they are just not aware of it, because this is a very spiritual type thing right now. A lot of people will say, it’s an unhealthy, toxic set up, like a narcissist co-dependent situation. But I can tell you that these teachings that we teach have helped people break that cycle as well. The codependent who comes to us, we’ve helped numerous ones break the cycle with the narcissist co-dependent thing that have reached out to us and they have been amazed. Whether or not you’re on a twin-flame journey, this stuff will help you. It’s really just getting to know yourself and alchemizing your fear-based energy and everyone’s going to have to do it eventually anyway.

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