Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Sigmar Berg


In this episode, Sigmar talks about Love Tuner, a mindfulness tool for healing via 528 hertz. It’s a simple tool that can be used for self-healing by all kinds of people. Sigmar Berg is an entrepreneur, artist, photographer, and fashion designer, best known for the Love Tuner, a mindfulness tool that seeks to bring personal healing to the user via the 528-hertz frequency.

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A conversation with Sigmar Berg

Today’s Exclusive Guest.


Who is Sigmar Berg?

Sigmar Berg is an entrepreneur, artist, photographer, and fashion designer, best known for the Lovetuner, a mindfulness tool that seeks to bring personal healing to the user via the 528 hertz frequency, also known as the Love Frequency.


About Lovetuner

Lovetuner is a mindfulness tool. It’s a single tone flute calibrated to 528 hertz. 528 hertz is understood to be the divine frequency, the love frequency and DNA repair frequency. I think this is where all our healing modalities overlap. What it basically does is you take a breathing break, and this breathing break disconnects the paracrine particles from the sympathetic nervous system. It lets you get out of your fight and flight mode; you relax, breathe and the frequency and then it hits our bodies. This little thing gives a frequency as an instrument. When you blow it, it aligns the water molecules in your body and gives you the feeling of relaxation. On a spiritual level, you invite love in your life because you’re connecting to the love frequency. It’s a very fast and instant process. You don’t have to have any education and transcendental meditation. You force yourself to a conscious breathing break. You invite love in your life and that’s it. It’s a very simple tool.


The Genesis of Lovetuner

I was introduced to the frequency by a friend of mine who was working on this product. I had breathing meditation where we played this frequency. It was a couple of years back; I was already in transcendental meditation for a while. I thought it was sufficient. I did it twice a day. The first time I was introduced to the frequency, it was such a powerful meditation. I had no clue about frequency, I didn’t even know that 528 hertz is something powerful. When I discovered along the way what it really does, there was one thing that resonated with me right away; the hidden messages in water by Mimoto, this Japanese scientist that actually traveled around the world. He was freezing water, looking at it under the microscope and he actually proved that whatever you say or do to water affects it’s molecular structure. For example, when water is crystal clear, it has a hexagon crystal form. When you play this frequency onto water, even when it has morphed and lost its shape, it goes back into this original crystal form. When you transform this reaction of water to our body, we are a little bit under 70% water when we are adults, our blood is 91% water. Obviously, this showed that it works. Then we did a lot of tests and slowly it grew. So, it was actually learning by doing because we started with kids in schools. This was the biggest feedback for us because kids have no interest and no layers. When you give them a tool, they would not say out of politeness, ‘Oh, this is great!’ Kids lose interest and drop it if it’s not working. We had amazing success with schools. This was where I started then more and more research and discovered how powerful this tool is. In the first two seasons where we introduced it into mainly elementary schools, we eliminated bullying completely, the grades went up and it started a unified field. There was more teamwork, they understood each other better. Kids who had not been friends before did not become the best of friends but at least they had an understanding and respect for each other. Then going further and further into this journey, I started working with veterans through our foundation. It’s a very simple process. 


Human Connection


We humans are only separated because of the polarity. I might meet someone and the person will think, ‘Who is this idiot with his hat on?’ And I would think, ‘Who is this person?’ We have like all those layers. What is really happening is that our hearts are completely curious or they want to connect. There is no race, no political fuse. It’s just heart to heart. We are one and we are connected. And what the Love Tuner basically does in a very short amount of time is it takes you out of your head into your heart. For a lot of people, it’s overwhelming because what do we do? We close our hearts and we play everything in our mind and our world is perfect. When you start tuning, what people often experience, they feel it right away. Then they get a heaviness because everything they swallow down, what they don’t want to look at comes up. We work with healers that are able to see chakras and they told me when they see humans tuning, all the chakras align. You can literally see it in a person. I’m not a healer, I’m just curious about this frequency.

So, when I understood all those factors, it was just clear that I had to distribute it and make it available for everyone. 


How does Lovetuner Work?


It’s so simple because it helps you instantly. First of all, through a breathing break. People do not usually breathe. When you are educated in spirituality, do yoga and do a lot of stuff, you know how important breathing is but the average person is not aware of it. We run through our day and we are shallow breathers. We don’t even have a tool or any modality to release it. With the Tuner, you sit in cars especially in Los Angeles where you have a lot of traffic. I do it myself, if I’m not on the phone and I have a couple of minutes. The first thing I do is take out my tuner. Obviously, you cannot close your eyes when you’re driving but just the effect of breathing is like activating your Key of Life. You’re getting oxygen in your system and you disconnect the nervous systems. You invite love in your life. It’s that simple. You don’t need any education. You don’t have to go to a tuning seminar, you don’t have to follow a guru. This is something that I actually coined at the very beginning when I saw the power of this tool. I was more or less my own experiment. I knew what was good and bad in my life, my bad behaviors or whatever. This thing showed me very quickly, like a mirror what was going on. Along the journey I think it’s this ease in your life, you just integrate it, you don’t have to go through all this process. When I saw this, my view was its total self-empowerment. Actually, my slogan is; ‘Be your own guru’ and I was saying you can really do it because you can take care of yourself.




The journey is interesting because everybody and especially on the forefront here in Southern California and California in general, when it comes to all the spiritual movements and well-being, what I always miss is how people really jump on so many trends, what is out there. I always say no matter what you pick for yourself, to maintain spiritual hygiene. It’s also discipline. I was an athlete when I was young so I know what it means to get good at something. Spirituality is exactly the same. When you look into your long-term goal, then you have to focus on this. The long-term goal cannot be interrupted with what I want in the moment and it’s basically discipline. You have to be disciplined in whatever modality you find to heal yourself in order to get more confidence, more fun and more pleasure in your life, it also is always related to your discipline. When you pick up a routine, you need to really do it. Any routine can only help you if it’s integrated on your cellular level. You have to dedicate 60 days to it and then you have to carry on. When people think, ‘Oh I did this already’, ‘I went to this seminar’, and ‘I follow this person’, and ‘I was reading this book’, this is all quickly opening a curtain and then the curtain closes. If you want to have this curtain open and you invite love in your life and you want to have light in your life, then you need to keep on doing this and you can do this in a very truthful way. 


I’m European so my parents were not into churches but obviously as it was integrated in our school system, it was something that I never resonated with. On the other hand, with my kids, I didn’t want to be the guy that says, ‘We are gurus’, ‘We all meditate’, and ‘We’re sitting together’. I kept this very playful and my biggest reward was when my kids were like 10-12 years old and suddenly, I heard out of their kids’ rooms that they were tuning. I said, ‘Oh wow, that’s exactly what I want.’ This is literally what I believe in. I believe that everyone can change every second of their life. You always have a choice. You have two sides; you have the light side and a dark side. There’s no light without a shadow and the other way around. We have to accept this. But when I know that, for example, in the frequency like 528 hertz, darkness cannot exist, then why not join this, why not do it for yourself, and bring yourself into higher frequency. 



What frequency are you sending out?

Fear has a very low frequency and faith and love have a high frequency, gratitude, kindness, and you can make your choice. If the first thing you do in the morning is turn on the news and you watched insanity going on, what comes up in you is either anger or fear, whatever you’re resonating with. At the end of the day, you can make a very conscious decision in the morning with a routine to create your own vibrational energy. By doing this, you are swinging on a way higher level. Whatever comes to you in a day, what might have a lower frequency is not attracting you and this is what people need to understand. This is the law of resonance. If you resonate with negativity, it will come to you. If you do everything to be in a high frequency, then you will connect onto this frequency. It’s a really simple thing. It starts with comforting people for example when you go into whatever humming sound great grandmas do with babies when they carry them around. We humans are vibrational beings. As Tesla said more than 100 years ago, If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’ 

This is the same thing here now. If you are careful about the frequency you send out, and about the frequency you want to receive then I think you are already halfway where you want to go.


Cleaning up takes time

I always tell people they should breathe at least two to three times, like really consciously finding a place to breathe. It can be in a yoga studio, at home or outside somewhere. Then do conscious breathing breaks. Now we’ll do it like six times, inhale, exhale. Most important is that you don’t play too loud, it’s more about extending their exhale, and then inhaling to fill up your lungs. I say two times a day is for sure necessary to start. One thing I always do is I do my first tune in the morning before I even really wake up. This is not like a tune where I run outside and sit down. It’s something like being half asleep, just make one or two tunes to get into this frequency. This helps but it takes time because basically what you’re doing is you’re actually aligning your system, you’re making a clean house, you do like a house cleaning and you bring stuff in order. What people sometimes think when they start this journey is that everything is going to be happy and flowery. You cannot on one hand, throw everything in the basement and then when the big clean comes, you say; ‘Oh, I have a lot of stuff down there, a lot of trash which I have to get rid of.’ Breathing in general, in combination with this frequency transforms energy. When people think that they can cover up some stuff, it does not work because energy will always be energy. The only reason you can get rid of it or the only way is to transform this energy. This is when you do this on a conscious level. When you accept that emotions come up and pain comes up and then when this is gone, when it’s transformed, then pleasure can come into your life, happiness comes in then ease comes. I think a lot of people always get away from meditation or a spiritual approach to life because it still reminds them of church, they think it’s something serious but the more you integrate laughter in your life, and you remind yourself that happiness is your birthright, then spirituality becomes a super cool tool. We have fun and you can be a normal person, you don’t have to become a monk. This is not what we should do, we should just have a lot of fun and just be reminded that happiness is our birthright.


Oneness is the ultimate goal

It’s so important when people get more awareness of this thing because you’re not doing it for yourself. Unifying fields can only exist when you come into the same frequency. What we are doing right now in our society is absolutely more polarization. We’re doing the complete opposite. We are educated and we already know people reading books, people going to seminars, and still in their everyday life but they still don’t accomplish it. It’s not easy but this is the only way. We will always run into obstacles when we still go against human nature and human nature is unifying. Everything that actually separates us is just a layer. When you go deeper into this layer, it gets worse and worse. It’s so sad to see in our society right now that we are breaking up. I’m not even going into blame and shame because this is not the question we should ask each other. The question is how we can become one and this oneness is all there is. That’s why you hear people say, ‘All is one and one is all.’ This is so simple but wrap your brain around it and then you will recognize, ‘Oh well maybe I should be less judgmental in life’, ‘Maybe I can make it through a day without judgment and uneasiness’ because we have all these layers, we go outside and we do our meditation and then we sit in traffic and suddenly, the first judgment comes and this is what we need to overcome. 

This is why the younger generation is so important for us because we have seen it in schools where we integrated this tuning in as a mindfulness practice in schools. They told us that listen, it’s so unbelievable that suddenly kids communicate, who had not been friends, or integrated kids, handicapped kids. I think this is the beauty of it. We even have on our homepage an interview where a kid says; ‘One day my mom was not cool, she wasn’t relaxed and I said, ‘Mom Lovetune.’ She didn’t even turn on the love tune but she calmed down just by me expressing it.’ I mean this is wonderful because kids really pick it up right away. There are no filters, there’s no resentment and we can learn from them. I believe very much in what the Dalai Lama said, ‘If we have all the kids meditate, under the age of eight, in the next generation, there will be no war.’ This is really what it is because every conflict is the end of communication and if we connect from heart to heart, you will always have a communication.


The Lovetuner and COVID

I was in Europe like two days before the lockdown of the borders last March. I wasn’t sure myself what was going on but very fast in our community, stuff started to happen when people were in lockdown. They organized their own WhatsApp groups, they had their tunings over Skype or Zoom. I was like a passenger, I just watched it wondering what was going to happen. I was really happy to see that people could still find ways to connect. When you look into heart coherence and how strong the heart is and so overall, I was happy to see it. Obviously, I’ll be happier when this whole thing is over and we can continue but I think it was a good break for a lot of people to really go inside. I hope that people continue on this path because it will be an enhancement in their future lives. This halt that the entire world was forced into was not only negative, people started to reflect, to see, to connect in different ways and when we do this in the future, I think we can really create a unifying field so it was not all negative.

Everyone makes a very conscious decision. If corona hit and you make the decision to stay at home and make some nice cocktails until you’re completely fucked up, then you’re in this frequency and it will be even worse because you’re doing it by yourself. You’re not going out and having dinner with friends and having some drinks so you consciously go on a very low frequency since alcohol and a lot of drugs have a low frequency. This is very conscious. When people understand in the future the concept of resonance, I think they will be well aware of what they really want to engage with. I think first people need to understand what is good for them, and then do it consciously. This is a decision you can make every day. 

There’s also no shortcut in the practice that you do or your healing modality, you have to be designated, you cannot go in there and say, ‘This is what I do, and I hope for a quick fix’. It takes the entire being to really shift. 


Meeting Deepak Chopra


When we met for the first time, it was interesting because he coined this is his slogan which I literally took from him. Back then he wrote me a letter and said, ‘Thank you for joining us to make this world a happier, more sustainable, and peaceful place. This is really what it’s all about.’ I think obviously, it’s also business like every other business but when people that heal and people who have a positive mission align together, it just gets more powerful and it helps the entire world. I think being of service is literally what it should be.


Acts of Kindness


I have another good friend of mine who became a team writer. His name is Nipun Mehta, the founder of Service Space. He is in my opinion one of the best examples because he’s just a loving, giving person, very smart and still for him, service is key. I believe in this. I think you don’t necessarily have to be a leader of a movement, or an author, you can do this every day and people will see the small acts of kindness and it really changes your life. About two years ago, we started a thing called ‘Act of Kindness’ where we accepted currency as an act of kindness. You could send us the act of kindness. It needed to be a little bit more than to help someone over the street open the door. When we found it sufficient, we would give leftovers for free. People started sending us small videos and the first one was very impressive. It was a cab driver or Uber driver from Sacramento. He was driving his neighbors to a hospital every day because the family couldn’t afford it. The guy literally squeezed into his day that he would always go to the neighbor, pick up the mom and take her to a hospital. I said, ‘This is beyond.’ He did this for years. He is still doing it, hopefully. This for me, is why I say kindness really improves and this is why we accepted it as a currency. 


Current Focus for Lovetuner

We started this foundation about two years ago. Before this, we had already been donating to other foundations. Our core is basically everywhere where we can heal and release trauma with the power of the breath and in combination with the 528 hertz frequency. It starts from kids basically because education is a very big thing for us. The next generation is important to us. And then I got introduced to a veteran who is a yoga teacher. He lost a leg, he lost half of his arm, half of his face, he was suicidal, everything you can imagine. When we had the first conversation, he said to me ‘Listen, I’m doing these yoga classes’ and I said, ‘I’m happy to support you.’ Out of this, we started a program where we donate Lovetuners to all those healing classes where veterans are involved and I have been in two myself and have showed those guys how to tune. There are young guys with bodies like Roman gladiators, the wheelchair, really traumatic things. Often, they had suicide issues and it was just beautiful to see those guys who have been through so much and still able to open their hearts. When this happened, I was in tears myself, I could not hold back, it was so powerful. This is our main focus. We are very open to different stuff too but this is the core. What we do right now is everything that has to do with education and with healing trauma. From suicide to veterans, etc. We are working in the educational field with a foundation that we support. It’s called the Pure Edge Foundation of Pure Inc foundation and they actually go a step further than we do; they educate the educator. I think this is powerful. This is why we did not do it ourselves. We help this foundation because they have everything in place. They already have a huge setup. We already have 75,000 Love Tuners in the public school system where not only the kids know how to tune but more importantly the educator because kids are so open to it. When the person who is the teacher is not open to it, you cannot do much. When they are still in the old modality and have stress to go home and pop some pills, they cannot be in the right frequency. This is something we are very proud of that is doing so well. I also talked on a podcast on our homepage with the CEO of this foundation and she said that every time they tune in and introduce it to school boards, a giggling starts because it’s something people get happy about. This is all what we want. A lot of teachers have so much stress and when they cannot handle the stress anymore, they go to a different school district. There’s a lot of administrative staff involved and the teachers are unhappy and how can an unhappy person spread happiness, it’s impossible. So, I think this is the main focus of what we are doing right now. We have this School Program, the Veteran Program and then we are supporting this Educate the Educator field.

You have to change some modalities, change some behaviors and things get better in no time. This is an endless journey. The shift does not happen right away.


Vision for Lovetuner

We are getting commercially successful now so I see a lot of alleys where we are helping people. For example, I got a text about a week ago from my office; this lady sent us a message saying that her boyfriend died and that they have been tuning together for years and she said she’s totally connected with him in this frequency. All of those stories make me personally very happy. We had a story from a lady that wrote us that her husband had a bad accident and he sits in front of the TV, not emotionally available and she said every time she thinks about leaving her life behind when her husband walks out of the house and disappears, she tunes and it brings him back into her heart again. I’m happy when people literally understand that the journey is only on the inside. There’s nothing on the outside that can help you and this is why I love the tool. It’s so powerful because when people get that there’s no searching on the outside anymore, I can rely on myself, I’m my own guru. This makes me happy. When I see that it’s spreading around the world and more and more people are helping us to raise the frequency. This is literally my dream come true.

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