Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Pernille Kjeldsen


In this episode, Pernille talks about the struggle with being herself, coping with stress at work, and her mind shift after experiencing Harmonyum. Pernille Kjeldsen has a master’s in communication and leadership with over six years of experience in the field of PR in both fashion and art.

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A conversation with Pernille Kjeldsen.

Today’s Exclusive Guest.

Who is Pernille?

Pernille Kjeldsen has a master’s in communication and leadership with over six years of experience in the field of PR in both fashion and art. Pernille offers in-depth knowledge and navigating the art world through her PR and marketing skills. She believes that synchronizing and combining different aspects of your business will help you succeed in strengthening your brand. Some of her career highlights include the Antonio Banderas and Selected International Press Conference in London, May 2016, Art Basel Miami, Mikael B, Adrian Grenier, and Lonely Whale Solo Show at the SLS Hotel in Miami, December 2017, Mikael B 11,000 square foot Solo Show in Copenhagen, October 2018 and Copenhagen Fashion Week collaboration between Mikael B., The Perfect World Foundation and Boost in Copenhagen, August 2019.

The Journey

I was going through a lot of things. I was very sick in my stomach, and I had been for about four months. I have always had issues with my digestion and all these things that many women have; very sensitive, everything goes straight to the stomach. I was pretty much at my lowest. I was stressed and not feeling well in my body. Maybe that’s also why I was so drawn to the healing process and was very interested in trying it because at that time I was trying everything. I had gone through doctors and hospitals and they couldn’t find what was wrong with me. I have always been very open to alternative holistic methods instead. So I was really interested in trying Harmonyum and it was the right time for me to start it because I remember I was really exhausted. I think my whole body, my mind, everything was tired because when your digestion doesn’t work then nothing works in your body.

Behind the Scenes

Even though I felt that everybody could tell on my face that I really wasn’t in a good place, most times, you actually can’t see it. You just feel it yourself. If you’re not in a good mindset and things are not working, you feel like you are not enough in any way. You don’t have the shine, you don’t have the energy. Since most of what I’m doing is connecting with people, I’m kind of the gatekeeper between the artists that I work with and the Media Galleries or whatever projects we are doing, so you always have to put on a smile and be presentable.

The struggle with being myself

It was hard because I am a very genuine person. It’s hard for me not to put up a face and be something else that I’m not. It’s not what you grow up learning in the Danish culture so it can be hard. But now I feel like I’m in such a better place and I feel so much more aligned. I don’t have issues with my stomach anymore. Now I feel I can be my true authentic self. It’s actually a real smile.

Moving from Copenhagen to L.A

I used to live, and work for an art gallery, in New York and went back to Denmark to do my master’s in communication and leadership. I loved the US. While I was living in New York, I visited LA for the first time and I completely fell in love with LA. I’m very outdoorsy, and I love everything that brings adventure. Nature here is amazing, so is the weather and while living back in Denmark, I couldn’t get LA out of my head. I knew that I had to try to move here, not just moving here on vacation, but actually moving here one day because I am a person that can’t leave something behind before I try it out. I’m not afraid of trying things. Of course, there is a lot of fear around it and because it’s the unknown. You don’t know what to expect, but I always have a romantic idea in my head about how things will turn out perfect. Because I am very adventurous, I told myself I need to try it. If it doesn’t work, I can move back again. I moved here five years ago and I’m happier than ever. I have built my life here, career, friends, and I can’t see myself moving back ever. I really love my life here.

Stress at work

I later figured out, the thing with my stomach was mostly from work stress. We had a lot of things going on and there are a lot of projects. I love my work and I love the people that I work with, but at that time, there was too much going on. I am a perfectionist and I have high expectations of myself. I never think what I’m doing is good enough. It is something I struggled with, and it’s something I’m really trying to get better at because you can kill yourself. At that time, I figured out it was work stress because some things changed at work. Immediately, when they changed, everything went away.

My experience with Harmonyum

What I have benefited most from Harmonyum is that it taught me how to look inside. I have always been a people pleaser. I always want everybody else to be happy and forget about how I’m feeling myself and what I want, what I need, and put up boundaries. It started a whole change inside of me where I started to look more inside and tried to figure out who I am and what I want and take time for myself. I think that has been the biggest takeaway because it’s something that going from when we started to now I have changed so much and I have learned so much more to love and take time for myself and actually put myself first, which I was never doing before. I have really grown a lot. I think it’s because of Harmonyum, but also when we started when COVID happened, during quarantine, like many other people, I also started to dig very deep inside, ground myself, read a lot, and journal. I got into all this journal practice that I had never done before. I think it was these things together, combined, that got me from two very different places.

Online Harmonyum, Versus In-person Experience

When I did the online, I didn’t feel the same energy as in person. It was interesting to try and it definitely made me feel really relaxed, calm, and find myself. I remember right after the session, I thought, “That was interesting to try.”, but I didn’t feel the same. I remember that night I slept way more than normal. I was so tired at night. I went to bed early, and I just slept through the whole night. Normally I have trouble sleeping, and I remember we touched base the day after. I think my body needed it even though I didn’t feel it immediately after the session.

The Mind Shift

I have changed in many ways. Of course, I’m still the same person. I still have the same values, but I think the whole thing about taking time for myself and practicing self-love, I have become much more confident in myself. I was so stressed and all the problems that I had with my stomach. I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and I was not confident. I was really low. Then seeing now where I have really put in a year of work or more and has really changed my whole perception of myself. I think that is also why if you feel more confident in yourself you are better at your job, you advance in your job maybe it’s because you have that confidence in what you’re doing and people can see that. But also, I think I was having so many personal things going on in my life. I have become more open to trying new things and not being so caught up in my head all the time. You can have so many thoughts and really be stuck in your head. I don’t experience that as much anymore. I feel that in general, I’m more at peace and I’m more confident.

Career Opportunities

A Danish production company reached out to me through LinkedIn and asked if I wanted to be a part of a documentary. Right now, we can’t travel but when things get better, hopefully soon, they will come from Denmark to LA and they will follow a few different Danes living here in LA, and follow their life and the success they have made for themselves. I’m not the kind of person that is normally in front of the camera. I’m always the one behind that who makes sure that my client looks good in front of the camera and that he’s portrayed as a branded image in the right way. I was a little skeptical because I didn’t want to be a part of some kind of reality show. But when he told me about it and explained that it’s more documentary-based, I thought “I think this is for me, I think that will be interesting.” If I can inspire someone else to take a big chance following their dreams then I would be happy. So, hopefully, it will happen, maybe after summer, we will start on the documentary.


First of all, what worked for me at least, was to take time for yourself, literally every day. Sit down and try to be present at some point. Whether you meditate or whatever you do, ground yourself, feel your body, feel yourself and take yourself out of everything that is going on. We all have hectic lives and a hundred different things to think about juggling in your head at the same time but you need to find that inner calmness and that has worked for me.

I think that’s something that everybody can benefit from. I think that’s something that will help you whether it’s work or if you have challenges you are trying to overcome. Trust your gut feeling, that’s also something where you’re never wrong. I was not listening to myself before because I was just so focused on everything else that I was doing and so stressed about it. I forgot myself in the process and I didn’t know how to listen to myself, or listen to my gut or listen to anything.

Pernille Kjeldsen Bio:

Her core competencies lie within the field of communication, public relations, project management, and B2C marketing.

Working areas:

Development of PR strategy both national and international – customized for each market.

Brand communication – build up consistent brand equity.

Public relations – create a professional contact with relevant media and represent Mikael B in public, coordinate editorial activities.

Project management – from the initial planning to execution, managing every step in the process whether it is an art show, event, or collaboration.

Building up strong partnerships with relevant brands, hotels, media, etc. In the past, we have done shows with Mondrian LA, SLS Miami, and W Los Angeles.

Networking and building strong connections and representing the company at public/private events.

A deep understanding and knowledge of the art world and economics of art.

Team leader – managing and delegating tasks, projects, etc.

Influencer marketing, content marketing, and third-party endorsement.

Launching innovative campaigns and make sure the marketing communication strategy is kept in mind through all activities.

Pernille has strong interpersonal and intercultural skills, gained through both academic groundings and in practice through the years she has spent working and traveling around the world. Thus,  used to interacting in an international setting dealing with people from all over the world, from very different cultures and she’s known to be very open-minded and forthcoming.

Furthermore, she is a hard-working and positive person, who relates well to people. Well organized, diligent, and doing a great job is very important to her. She is accustomed to deadlines and keeping a sense of perspective in stressed situations.

Pernille has a very high work ethic and high ambitions. To her, her job is a huge part of who she is, and will give all to reach her personal goals along with the overall company vision.

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