Spring/Summer 2021 | A conversation with Heather McCall


Heather McCall is an energy worker for animals and people. In this episode, she talks about her background and what drew her to being an animal energy worker first, and then to working with humans. Heather brings a different approach to healing which aims at collaboration as opposed to telling people what to do.

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A conversation with Heather McCall.

Today’s Exclusive Guest.

 Heather McCall


A Little About Me And My Background

I clear and balance energies with different modalities. I do a lot of home clearing, space clearing. I work with people’s energy, and I also do a lot of animals. I always knew that I was sensitive and empathic. Those two things can be a little bit difficult to handle as a child. It’s difficult to differentiate between one and the other. I knew my family would travel around Europe and take us to different places. I knew that going to different countries and feeling the energies of different spaces could be quite alarming to me as a kid. So that much I knew. Then I had a series of like depression, very dark shadow stuff in my early 20s, which led me to work with Donna Eden’s technique. She’s an energy worker. I started to learn about meridians. 

Fast forward my brother died when he was 29. That really took off my healing work. So I got initiated with my Reiki level one soon after that. That was just a very, very profound experience and unexpected. I was in an acupuncturist’s office, and he just happened to tag it on at the end of the session. He was actually helping me give up smoking. So I became a Reiki Master. That was a cornerstone for me. I went on to explore different healing techniques and ended up working on animals. That’s really my entry point.

I started with animals. The animals led me to the houses, and the houses led me to the people. I did healing work for a while, but then I was really reluctant to be known as a healer. I just wasn’t ready for it. I grew up in England. We just thought it was all bollocks. My family is very artistic. They’re very intelligent. It was too painful for me. So I kind of avoided it. I really tried to avoid it. I got various different jobs and tried to convince myself that I’m going to be this and this instead. 

So I was working in an art gallery and the owner of the art gallery said, “After work, today, can you come over and help heal my cat?’ And I was like, “What? What are you talking about?” I don’t know how she knew, but she knew. She said, “I know you do healing work.” So I went over reluctantly to this poor cat Riley had been hit by a car and was blind and deaf. And she said, “I’m just gonna leave the two of you alone.” 

So I spent an hour with Riley. By the end of it, it just cemented what I knew I had to do. So that was a monumental hour of work for me. I could hear him. He was very, very clear. I left and I started volunteering on any animal I could find. If you had a dog, I’d practically stop you on the street. I ended up getting a volunteer job at a farm for a month overseeing the farm on my own. I had no farm experience. I didn’t know what I was doing. What it gave me was a massive amount of animal communication. The last day on the farm, I got my first paid job with animals. That’s how it all started for me.

My Approach

One of the things I was unfortunate but lucky at the same time to have come across a couple of dangerous shadow healer teachers. That was a big learning curve for me. So I came out on the other side of that. I had felt very negative about this whole healing world experience, but then I found an amazing teacher that basically helped my reentry into this world. I think a lot of people that are entering this, they want to learn a lot from teachers, which I totally understand. But this teacher of mine basically took me aside and said, “I don’t want you to read anything for a year.” “I don’t want you to go to any teacher for a year.” I found that quite alarming because, at that point, I was really ready to move into it. And she’s like, “You need to find your own way on your own.” That was the best thing that could have ever happened to me because I was so easily influenced by people’s techniques and what they were teaching. That’s one of the things that I offer as a healer. I’m never going to tell you what you think you want to hear. It has to be a collaboration. Otherwise, you’re with the wrong teacher.


I don’t know how cutting cords happened to be one of my things, except that I had had my own experience of people being attached to me. I think we pull in what we’ve been through ourselves. As an energy worker, I’m able to sense very quickly if something foreign is attached to the person that I’m working with. If I’m looking at the physical body, that can have to do with relationships that that person’s in. If I’m looking outside the physical realm, that can deal with karmic issues, past life issues, entities even, things like that. Ideally, you want to be free of the energies of most of those things. Not all of it, but most of it.

I think many of us have had early trauma. In my experience working with this situation is that if you’ve had trauma, let’s say before the age of 11, you can tend to grow up attaching or being the one that’s attached to another person. Those first three chakras, without the energy moving in the right direction, it leads us to insecurities. It leads us to just openings in our energy realm without us even knowing. So you can attach to another person in order to manipulate their energy. I don’t mean this in a horrible way, but just from an insecure place. 

We want to feel our bodies on our own. We don’t want anyone else’s energy pulling. One of the classic examples of this is if you’ve been in a love relationship and the relationships ended, but you feel like you can’t restart, you can’t separate out. It can be very detrimental. Luckily, there’s things that can be done to clear that up. 

Now, a lot of people and healers believe in cutting cords in quite dramatic ways with scissoring, and you kind of pull out the cord and you wrap it and you bring out a sword or a pair of scissors and it’s all very dramatic. I’ve had that done myself. I don’t really enjoy the process of that. What I do is I gently pull. Always, with a lot of love, you pull the cord. The key for me is the love aspect. Because on a soul level, nobody means to cause you harm.

Because the cords usually are attached to one of the chakra systems, so I figure out which chakra it is. Through various different means of visualization, you start to feel the cord and you pull it much like taffy coming out of the energy body. You just keep pulling and pulling. As you do that, you’ll get a lot of images of what you’re pulling, what kind of essence it is. Then you seal it with light basically. 

A lot of people feel like the cutting of the cords is very much like a root from a tree, that the root can actually grow back. Some clients have to come to me after they’ve had a cord-cutting because there’s been a reattachment. I think, honestly, if you want to reattach you can no matter how you do it. You have to be willing. You have to be willing to surrender it.

 Clearing Transmitted Energy

This is why I teach and give as many tools as I can for clients to clear themselves because it’s super easy to do. There is no mystery around clearing energy. There really isn’t. The intention is so much of it. I have to clear systematically after every client. I use copper hoops. You’ve just experienced my new pyramid from Twisted Sage. I think it’s easy. You can do an unhook, which is basically a thumb to the third eye, and then unhooking of something that’s come in. Tapping is very helpful. If you run a shower and you ask it to clear your energy system, and then you step in, it’ll be a totally different shower than the one you had yesterday. So ring some bells. The main thing is, it seems very difficult for people to remember to clear. That seems to be the big thing. 

Just from an entity point of view, I don’t think all entities are bad, but we don’t want them attached to us. 

Why Entities Attach

It’s just everything’s flying around the place right now. I think if you’ve got a vulnerability you’re not grounded. I don’t think there even has to be a reason. I have done so much clearing since COVID. It’s really crazy heavy. 

Adapting with COVID

Well, for me and my work on that level, it’s encouraging people to understand that energy is remote. That’s why we can do remote work. It’s not fixed in place. That was a big learning curve for clients that they didn’t understand that we could adjust the energy system from a distance. It’s not a stable thing. You don’t just feel the energy in somebody’s body. You can feel it as far away as across the world. That was a major learning curve for people. 

In terms of COVID, there are a lot of differences. People moved into camps very quickly about what they believed in. And, to me, it’s very important to just keep curiosity about what’s happening and to not attach to this isn’t real. In the healing community, there’s a lot of talk about it not being real and that the vaccine shouldn’t be trusted. All of those things and people are very eager to attach to a notion of something when we’re facing a crisis. That continues to be an interesting wave. 

Working with Animals

Humans and animals are very similar in the way you work with them. So animals are, for me, the easiest to work with because they really have no qualms about telling you where they want you to work and how they want you to work. It’s just a language that you start to pick up. I really think anyone can do it. And once you figure out their language, you’re often away.

I do feel like I have a lot of clients that come in with their dogs and they end up having very cathartic experiences, much like you did, because it’s very moving. You start to understand your animal on a level that you hadn’t really before even though the love was obviously there. It’s an energy language. Then you also get to understand that the animal is able to move in a way that is indicating help me here and help me here. That’s a big shift for people with animals to understand.

Your agreement will change with your animal once you start clearing them because the animals never get cleared of your energy. They need it. You start with some tools like the scissoring technique and they’ll thank you forever. The agreement deepens between the two of you to take care of each other in a deeper way.

Home Clearing

Clearing your home of negative energy is just so fun. It’s like moving into the body of somebody. That’s how I describe it. You walk into a space, and you’re literally faced with different energy systems. Houses speak. Walls speak. There’s a ton of information. There’s a ton of testing that we do. A lady called Nicole taught me a lot about what to test for and what communication spaces need. She never actually went to the houses to clear. She did all her clearing remotely. That’s basically what I do too unless there’s a specific situation where the house isn’t clearing quite as well. Then I might make an in-person visit.

It’s not only the energy of the house itself, but you have to check the street. You have to check the houses next door. You have to check the energy of the vortexes nearby. The house may not be the center of it. It may be impacted by something else on the street. 

I have a lot of clients that come to me if they’re looking to move home or if they’re having an issue with a home they’re already at. I get a whole array of situations. I get a lot of divorce houses, that’s what I call it. I get a lot of people who’ve died in houses. I get a lot of poltergeist activity. The gamut is pretty broad there. Also, I get house blessings. Those are always lovely to do. Something as simple as a child not being able to sleep in his bedroom. There was one case where I went to the child’s bedroom, and out the window, I saw the ghost of this man. He was digging up the garden and putting things in the garden. He had some confusion about the fact that that entry into the bedroom used to be his way back into the house. It’s the back door of the house. The new owners had turned it into their children’s bedroom. He kept wanting to come through the window, basically, which used to be the door. That is really not so much about getting rid of the ghosts, but redirecting him or explaining what had happened. I did say to the owners, “I think you’ve got a lot in the earth there because I think he was somebody that buried a lot of metal.” They went and checked it. They found so many different pots and pans and things like that. 

The Takeaway

Especially during this time, anxiety has been very, very intense with people. I think reaching out, just reach out and try and get some help with that if you need it. Whether it’s just a phone call or put your hand on your heart and simply say, how does that heart feel today? Where are you? Are you feeling like you’re in the front of the chest? Are you feeling like you’re hiding in the back? You ideally want the energy heart to be just floating in the middle of the chest of the body. Take a nice breath and just simply say, “I’ve got you. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” And then follow it with your name. Ask your heart what it needs. Then if the stomach is really speaking to you, do the same with the stomach. Just check in more often. That’s a good place to start.


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